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under $100: rugs

by Grace Bonney

last week when i asked you guys what topics you’d like covered on the under $100 column, i was overwhelmed with emails about affordable rugs. while it’s definitely tough to find good quality rugs for less than $100, i rounded up over 40 examples of great affordable rugs in a range of colors and styles. the majority of these rugs are going to be on the smaller side (the first few images are mainly from anthro because they have some great deals on smaller rugs right now), but a few of these come in decent sizes for under $100, so i hope you’ll find something that works for your home. in the next column i’m going to focus on handmade (and independent) work as much as possible, as handmade rugs under $100 just weren’t happening. so if you have any suggestions for under $100 products that are handmade and would fall into a reasonable price category feel free to leave them in the comment section below (i’m thinking maybe tabletop accessories…).

(Note: Amy M. had some Internet difficulties this week, but Living In will be back next Tuesday!)

[image above, clockwise from top left: $78+, +, $78+, $68+, $88, $78+]

[image above, clockwise from top left: $78, $78, $98, $68+, $78]

[image above, clockwise from top left: $78, $39+, $20+, $98, $88]

CLICK HERE for the full roundup (and a TON of rugs) after the jump!

[image above, clockwise from top left: $30, $78, $78, $98, $78]

[image above, clockwise from top left: $39+, $60, $34, $58, $68, $28+]

[image above, clockwise from top left: $34+, $13.99 each, $39]

[image above, clockwise from top left: $95+, $109 (a tiny bit over, but super cute in person), $89]

[image above, clockwise from top left: $19.99, $45+]

[image above, clockwise from top left: $18, $18]

[image above, clockwise from top left: at etsy, $24, $13.99 each+, $39]

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  • I have gotten 2 great rugs from ebay…pakobelrugs. Really colorful, unique, and covered in tassels. Large too 6 by 8 for $60, 4 x 6 for $50. Also great source if you ever want a rug covered in uzis.

  • Wow, cute rugs. For a feature on rugs, I’d settle for a selection of larger rugs (say, 6×9 and 8×10) for under $1,000 and under $500.

    At our house, the rugs have to be good enough quality to withstand kid traffic (so, not cheap), yet not so expensive that you have to ban kids from setting foot on them.

  • overstock.com and rugs direct have an amazing selection of rugs at great prices including a much cheaper version of west elm’s zigzag rug.

  • Rugs *truly are* the hardest thing to find within a budget (unless your budget is a bijillion dollars of course ;)
    These are some great options – thanks!
    And to know Anthropologie has rugs…as if I didn’t love that place enough already. (sigh).

  • These are incredible choices! I’d been happy with my simple jute rugs, but they’re starting to unravel after 5 years. It’s overwhelming to think about shopping again, and my taste is almost always outside of my budget! Thanks!

  • Zach Zaman of Heirloom sells amazing handmade antique rugs, many under $100 at the Brooklyn Flea on Sundays. He’s @heirloomrugs on .

  • i’ve been rug shopping lately… and it feels like such an impossible task!

    UO has a promo going in the US right now (thru tomorrow) if you enter MOREGREEN at check out you get 15 bucks off 75! even cheaper :o)

  • I usually really love your recommendations, but I am a little disappointed by this post. A lot of these gorgeous rugs are from Anthropologie which made me a bit skeptical of the under $100 limit. Yes, the rugs you mentioned are $78 but for a 2×3 rug which is basically a glorified doormat. I think overstock.com is a better resource for affordable rugs (4×6, 5×8).

  • the andelusia and the round peackock rugs are my favorites although the andelusia one wouldn’t match any of my decor. I love when you can find reasonable and fashionable items!

  • overstock.com!!! they have an incredible collection of non-hideous contemporary rugs for incredible prices. Only a few are as great as Anthropologie rugs, but still.

  • What a fabulous selection of budget friendly rugs! One of my personal favorites is the Circle Fret rug by Dash and Albert. West Elm also has a great selection of budget-friendly rugs, including a couple of my favorites: , , and .

  • I’ve been looking for that UNNI rug from IKEA for a few months now, and had been told that it was discontinued. A quick check of the inventory online would suggest that this is the case, but if there’s any incredibly lucky, helpful, nice person out there who has one of these rugs and wants to sell it, or has a local IKEA that contains hidden mystery stocks of it, can you me? I’d be glad to do some sort of ebay/craigslist/paypal transaction with you.

  • Great post! I understand some folks might be looking for larger rugs at a budget-friendly price, but I think that most of us who have searched for that have found that beautiful rugs in the 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 sizes are a little higher. But for those looking – after an extensive search, I found West Elm’s jute boucle rug to one of the best, most affordable rugs to cover larger spaces (you have to like that natural look though). $199 for an 8×10, and wait for a discount/free shipping. And then you can buy a gorgeous, smaller Anthropologie rug for the foyer or something.

  • I don’t recommend Ikea’s Unni rug. I owned it for several years in college as the only thing between my feet and the cold dormitory tiles. It’s hard to clean and constantly sheds balls of wool *everywhere*. You get what you pay for, I guess.

    I’m graduating in a month and cannot wait to decorate! These rugs are great ideas for my first real-world place.

  • Ditto what Jennifer said. The words budgets and Anthropologie should never be in the same sentence. I like Anthro too, but they are in no way shape or form ever budget.
    Honestly it’s more than a bit insulting.

    • rebecca

      in what way is a rug that’s under $100 insulting? if i just implied anthropologie had affordable offerings without providing a large amount of examples, then yes. but there are more than enough small, beautiful rugs from that particular shop in this roundup that the idea of it being insulting just seems silly to me.


  • I just ordered the round peacock rug for my baby’s room – EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for and thought I’d never find, much ledd for $39! Thank you soooo much!!

  • THANK YOU for doing the research for us! I’ve been looking into a rug for my bedroom and I see like 3 or 4 here that I want! (and can afford!)

  • I could weep. I would have nearly any and all of these rugs. At prices above or below $100… and I’m looking for a really nice, colourful rug.

    BUT I don’t live in the US. Sob.

    Back to square 1.

  • Great post. I am constantly on the rug and curtain hunt. Worldmarket.com has been a great resource lately. Eclectic finds for cheap! I just purchased this one…

  • This is a great post…I feel like I change rugs like other people change socks and somehow never manage to get the right one…too small, too shaggy, too hard, too white, too dark…for me, this post shows that there are lots of great rugs out there and that I am somehow impaired in matching them to my rooms and how I use them!!

    • mary

      there are some decent sized rugs in here. the majority of the anthro rugs are small- but a the other brands are plenty big- just keep clicking ;)


  • You start the post off by saying that your readers ask for affordable rugs, I get excited and start clicking. Seeing expensive bathmats/doormats from expensive stores is so frustrating. That’s what I mean by insulting, because this is what you think of your reader’s request.
    I do appreciate the readers that suggested overstock and rugs direct. I actually need a rug, not a bathmat and found some great options there that didn’t make me feel incredibly poor.

    • rebecca

      if you want to be upset about the fact that i included small rugs, be my guest. but the fact is that they guide has way more than small rugs.

      if you’d like them mapped out, here are some of rugs you can get from the guide that are larger:

      -5 foot round:
      -5×8: |4|2||6|rug||0&cm_src=SCH
      -5×8: |4|1||6|rug||1&cm_src=SCH

      in addition to these rugs, you can also buy all of the flor tiles listed (and many more on their site) for reasonable rates and build them to fit your specific space needs. with many of the tiles starting under $10 a piece you could easily by 10 tiles and make a 3 x 7.5 foot runner or rug.

      overstock and rugs direct are great resources, but because i’m not out to list every rug available, but rather rugs that fit stylistically with the site and our readers’ interests, i chose to focus on rugs that i thought would give people what they’re looking for: color, pattern, and an awareness of current trends in the market. it’s pretty darn impossible to find nicely made, style-conscious rugs that are over 5×4 for under $100. i’ve done rug guides over $100 in the past to address larger rugs, but if you want something full-room sized and under $100 it’s going to be a battle. believe me, i looked for them. here are the previous guides i made for larger rugs:

      lastly, to suggest that i don’t respect or take my readers’ requests seriously is offensive and frankly, insulting. i work myself to the bone every week producing as much free content as humanly possible, and answering readers requests for information like this via email and formspring from 7am to 12pm every day. so to suggest that i spent 8 hours creating this guide without taking their concerns and requests seriously is just plain wrong. if i could have provided a roundup of beautiful large rugs under $100 i would have done it, but the market rate for large rugs is well over $100, so i provided the best solutions i could for my readers.


  • I too live outside the US. Anyone know of cool suppliers in Australia – what the hell, Melbourne! – for rugs like this?
    And when the hell is Anthropologie setting up shop here? Honestly, we get everything so much later than the rest of the world. We’re still grappling with this electricity thing.
    Oh for a return ticket to New York.

  • Thanks for the round-up! As a grad student on a minimal budget I can say that I feel well represented as a reader and agree that an interesting/ good looking rug (whatever the size) for under $100 is 1) a hard find and 2) qualifies as “affordable”. Some items out there might be aspirational… but isn’t that part of the point – to identify items to add to our wishlist and save $2/day for a year so we can afford. Point being: thanks Grace!

  • Thanks ever so much! I’ve been rug shopping online (and in store) for two years and still have spots to fill. After today, though, I’ll have one or two less. My feet thank you, too!

  • Thanks for the mention Jennifer. A couple people who have read your comment have actually visited me at the flea! All wonderful people.

    Grace, I do offer a few rugs under $100 @bkflea but if you and your readers would be interested in doing a post on handwoven vintage and antique rugs under something like $300 (greater variety) I would love to be involved.

    Thanks for running this amazing blog!

  • Rebecca,
    Anthropologie 5 x 7 rug on sale for $99 – see link below. You’re welcome.

    P.S. – Grace doesn’t feature WalMart stuff. If she did, she wouldn’t have a zillion followers.

  • The round rug which has the bird and flowers and is the main image for this post – I cant see it in the round up. maybe im blind but does anyone know details for this one? I love it!

  • I came across your blog and couldn’t help but add the rug that I purchased from Overstock.com. I has a gold tone accent and it is beautiful. I was looking for a smaller, round affordable rug and it shipped to me in 5 days. Here is the link:

  • I have purchased many of these for my clients and I have to say that 99% of the time they are totally perfect! Also it’s hard to justify spending thousands on a rug to a client who has never purchased one before. Let’s also remember that the rugs are usueally covered by lots of furniture ;)

  • Please…tv…find this amazing magical lady her own show…she is amazing…and make it an hour long and every day….!!!!

  • Hi there Grace – brilliant post!
    Do you know if it’s possible to source the Conure Rug, Round (2.5) from somewhere/someone that can ship to Australia? I love it dearly but unfortunately Anthro will not ship large items outside of the US..
    Thanks very much!!

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