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Top 51 Wallpaper Sources

by Grace Bonney

after barb’s “how to decorate furniture with wallpaper” post yesterday i was overwhelmed with emails about where to find great wallpaper. so rather than answer the same email over and over, i figured i’d share my top 50 favorite resources for wallpaper. this list started out as a top 10, but when i started listing companies i loved off the top of my head i ended up with close to 30. so i went ahead and rounded it out with all my favorites and some good resources for one-stop wallpaper shopping. whether you’re in the market for something bold and metallic or prefer a more subtle solid, these shops will have you covered (and papered) in no time. [image above: ]

*designers/shops are listed in no particular order

  • : a great one-stop shop for modern patterns from all the top designers.
  • : my favorite paper (seascape) is made by this amazing british designer.
  • : fun wallpapers from a string of great contemporary artists like julia rothman and joy deangdeelert cho
  • : creative papers from designer katie deedy in brooklyn. i love her series inspired by female scientists.
  • : a huge collection of prints and solids in a wide range of styles. their new series with amy butler is fantastic!
  • : these guys can do no wrong in my book. their papers can sometimes be hard to find so be sure to email them for a stockist near you. they’re the ones who make that that has been everywhere for years.
  • : sophisticated papers in subtle colors. great if you’re going for something more traditional.
  • : a nyc-based wallpaper boutique that specializes in unexpected designs from a team of guest designers
  • : wonderfully feminine designs often inspired by nature
  • : their cactus wallpaper has been stuck on my inspiration board for months
  • : a danish design company specializing in bold, nature-inspired designs. they have some beautiful geometric prints that are great for modern homes
  • : karen combs’ hand-painted papers are my favorite in the industry, hands down. her wallpapers are truly unique in a sea of digitally printed designs.

CLICK HERE for 40 more wallpaper sources after the jump!

  • : cheerful wallpaper designs printed with non-toxic inks
  • : ok, this isn’t online, but if you’re in nyc and need vintage wallpaper, run- don’t walk- to secondhand rose. their selection of vintage patterns is AMAZING
  • : i love designer elisabeth dunker’s designs she co-created with her 8 year old son, otto.
  • : colorful, retro-inspired patterns from england
  • : hand screenprinted wallpaper in playful patterns like walking buckingham palace guards
  • : catherine’s textured wallpapers have to be seen to be truly appreciated. they’re unbelievably unique and have so much character.
  • : tracy’s wallpapers are truly special and often involve hand-sewn elements like metallic letters or puzzle pieces
  • : beautiful floral prints
  • : great modern wallpaper for children with a retro spin
  • : quirky patterns like tennis racquets and cricket paddles
  • : amazing digital patterns from brooklyn
  • : ebay’s vintage wallpaper collection is amazing. if you keep an eye on things regularly you’re bound to catch a great steal. i’ve seen people pick up amazing european papers for under $10 a roll
  • : sophisticated high-end papers that are perfect for making a dramatic statement
  • : if you need historic papers, adelphi has you covered. i think of these as my “when i’m older and the kids are out of the house” papers. perfect for a grown-up house where small kids or pets won’t prevent you from owning fancy things
  • : beautiful boutique wallpaper from spain
  • : lisa’s frame wallpaper was a smash hit and allows you to customize your walls
  • : psychedelic wallpapers that feel like they come from both the 1970’s and the future at the same time
  • : contemporary patterns that range from classic to kooky
  • : i love erika’s bold graphic patterns. the metallic finishes give them extra sparkle
  • : retro, colorful- like candy for your walls
  • : stunning historic patterns from the CFA voysey archives
  • : their herringbone print is one of my favorites
  • : jill’s nature-inspired wallpaper designs come in vivid gold and pink hues
  • : i love their preppy “martha’s vinyeard” collection
  • : anthro stocks a great collection of designs that are often affordable, removable and perfectly on-trend
  • : deborah’s wallpapers are wonderfully witty. several of them replicate the look of hanging clothes and furniture
  • : custom and guest-designed wallpaper from canada with a fresh, young feel
  • : i love the way paper mills block-prints their designs. the new animal prints they designed are definitely a fun break from the norm
  • : hand printed wallpaper designs that work well in modern or traditional homes
  • : hanna werning has great wallpaper posters that work well in small spaces (ie: bathrooms) and bring a bold pop of color to the room
  • : these designs will make you smile. they feel like children’s designs for grownups, in the best way possible
  • : brooklyn-based designers with a great collection of prints and grass-cloth papers
  • : aimee has a fun collection of patterns that range from pigeons and flowers to cassette tapes and robots
  • : amazing patterns from scotland. like cole & son, i think it’s hard to go wrong with these guys. their thistle pattern is my favorite
  • : i love their sweet bird-pattern paper
  • : her paint-by-number wallpaper is great for adults and kids alike
  • : i love the soft, hand-drawn feel to laura’s work
  • : these are the designers behind “mini moderns” but their “swallows” design is still one of my favorites
  • : their atmospheric patterns are great for contemporary homes. but their “indi” bird pattern is my favorite
  • : groovy patterns in bright sunny colors

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    • jen

      wallpaper isn’t the most budget-friendly option to be honest. but i would suggest:

      graham and brown
      target (they have some good sales)


  • Don’t forget Tempaper — these wallpapers are removable (for those of us in apartments or rented homes). Some of their designs are sold at Urban Outfitters, but more are available at . I personally love the Alto and Etta designs.

  • What a fabulous resource, I’m always sourcing great new paper options for my furniture! A tip for the budget concious – I’ve had a lot of luck with paint and wall decor stores selling open rolls for a fraction of the price. Thanks so much Grace!


  • These are amazing but after my battle with removing horrible wallpaper in my den I am a bit resistant.

    A removable option is definitely more appealing to me besides Urban Outfittters do you know of any other options? Thanks!

  • We have Mod Green Pod in our half bath and we love it. The paper hanger didn’t have any problems with it. Now, I’m also going to have the MakeLike Cactus installed and I already know that because of the way it was printed, the paper hanger won’t be able to follow the pattern repeat. :/

    thanks for the list!

  • THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! When I was searching for wallpaper for a little project, it was so hard to find stuff that wasn’t old-fashioned or just plain awful. I will be bookmarking this for future reference. Great job culling these great resources!

  • You FORGOT the best of all……..
    if you had a vote..I’d bet this’d end up in the top 3….go on..take a vote
    Marc Jacobs has “solar” and Stella…”horses”…’nuff said…go look ;-) ..

    or see our PR here: (we do Japan)

    37 images at a glance…
    truly you won’t regret it :-)

  • These are amazing! So inspiring. If you are after a different take on wallpaper you should check out my sister in law’s body artist work:
    Her work involves painting bodies and blending them into the background of Florence Broadhurst wallpapers – amazing!

  • This company is on the TOP of my list:

    The Maya Romanoff company takes wallpaper into another world. It becomes a work of art. Most are hand created. Some incorporate mother of pearl, glass beads and other materials. The work is AMAZING!!!

  • Hey Carly Hack — your sis-in-law did a painting with some of my wallpaper. It looks AMAZING! I can’t believe she does it all free hand on skin. So rad.

  • Wallpapers can be really great in a room, and can go well with plain textured furniture so that the only thing that’s textured are the walls! I like the classic designs with a modern twist or color theme, so they are classic, yet feels timeless.

  • Any ideas for where to find remnants? I’m looking for some wallpaper to line a small cabinet, and don’t want to spend $30+ for an entire roll since I’ll only need a little bit!

    • marta

      you can often find them on ebay.com, but i’d also call your desired maker and ask if they sell samples or smaller patches- often they’re happy to sell small pieces that were cut from rolls.


  • Just thought I’d note that the Orla Kiely wallpaper you have as the thumbnail on the product guide page has been discontinued. So sad!

  • Aww shucks Grace, we are blushing. We are just thrilled you like our work and thought to share it with others by putting us on your top 50 list! It really made our day!



  • Thought I should mention imgs Custom Wallcoverings. They are an Australian company that is doing great things in wallpaper. They have a great in-house collection, but also have collections from artists found all over the world.. Great stuff.

  • Don’t forget The Alpha Workshops! All of our gorgeous wallpapers are made by hand right here in NYC. And all of our sales support our mission of training and employing people living with HIV/AIDS in the decorative arts.

  • Could you speak at all about removing wallpaper? I’m dying to get some but am so worried about the removal process.

  • I had the same question. Found this site for removable fabric wallpaper DIY. Probably way cheaper of a project.

  • Hi!
    I recently completed a small project and have one full roll and two half rolls of Julia Rothman’s “Pieces” in silver from Hygge and West. (see here: ). I’m happy to share for the price of shipping. email me at brocketthorne [at] hotmail [dot] com

  • Can I print this list? In new house and looking for retro carnival murals and/or wallpaper for a farmhouse we’re having fun with.

  • Does anyone know where to get wallpaper made by Over & Over besides Anthropologie? I’m looking for the Kalahari Vignettes wallpaper by Florence Balducci

  • Great list, and I would include some of the more important hand-painted chinoiserie wallpaper makers like or

  • Desperately wanting to get the ‘Etched Arcadia’ wallpaper by Over & Over that had been stocked by Anthropologie but is now discontinued – does anyone know how to get hold of their discontinued lines? Or direct from Over & Over? Having no luck with the search so far…

  • Thanks! I wonder if people like wallpaper from China,make by vine, jute, sisal, bamboo, grass,paper strand, leave etc stick together.third dimension.

  • Hi There , any idea where i could find a supplier of wallpaper willing to give samples to sell there product, SA company .

  • Most of your choices are still applicable in 2003. Cole & Son and Farrow and Ball are some of my favorite designers. The English certainly know how to make wallpaper, thats for sure. Can’t wait to see who you put up there for 2013 :-)


    • eric

      their papers are lovely, but they read a bit too “upper east side” for me sometimes, and they’re a great deal more expensive than most of the brands listed here.


  • Jen – Maybe you can help find the vendor for a particular wallpaper I am having problems tracking down. Would you be willing to help me out, please?
    Thanks a million!

  • I would love to sell wallpaper in my home town for a leaving what can I do.I would love to start a busniss selling wallpaper any surplier I that I can pls let me know.

  • This post has been the greatest help! I have been looking for unique wallpaper and this post was better than Google! haha

  • Hi Grace- thanks for such a great resource! Do you happen to have any information about printing companies that produce high quality wallpapers for custom orders?

  • Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a room. I especially like papers from York Wallcoverings. They have a line called Sure Strip which is completely removable! You can see their Sure Strip collections by going here:

  • Gotta include . They carry a French wallpaper called Elitis. Very unique and couture! Also have a real wood wallpaper that’s hangs just like wallpaper. Can wrap it around corners too!

  • Love all the wallpaper, but can anyone tell me what type of helmet that is. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to wear on my commute. Please and Thank you!

  • wow! thank you for such an exhaustive list, all in one place. will definitely be checking all of these out, as i’ve been on the hunt for just the right paper for our dining room. sometimes i search , but to be honest, that can be dizzying at times. it’s nice to know there are some bloggers out there doing the research and compiling helpful lists that people can actually refer as a resource. i’m sure it took quite a while to get this together, so thanks!!

  • Don’t know if I missed it on your list, but Chasing Papers () has some of the nicest and well priced wallpapers I’ve found around. Speaking from someone on a budget ;).

  • Can anyone help with a query? I’m currently studying at Uni doing surface design in my first year and I’ve been trying to find out what the industry standard pixel/resolution/layout size is on Illustrator/photoshop for one full section of pattern on wallpaper designs with a drop repeat.

  • Um… this is years later but this still pops up early in a google search… and I thought I’d note that timorous beasties, while wonderful, isn’t what the author here thinks. Take another long look – and be careful, these are sneaky and sinister art items, not at all “like coleman bros”. Don’t grab something you think is pretty for your kid’s room until you’ve had a very close look. Great dark stuff.

  • Hi I am looking to sell my wallpaper collection. Any ideas on how I would go about it, or if someone wanted to take over the wallpaper design for representing the work. Regards Gigi

  • I’m looking for a unique wallpaper and this post was very helpful. Thanks! One other company that I stumbled across is Tigron & Floyd (www.tigronfloyd.com). They do some really cool wallpapers.

  • Fun list to research, but I was also surprised not to see Thibaut and Quadrille. Maybe to staple, yet timeless, elegant and killer.


  • Looking for unusual wall murals, similar to ones that you see by Anthropologie. Any sites would be appreciated.


  • I own a wonderful wallcovering store in Philadelphia. I would like to get listed. I have many lines that are both niche and out of the ordinary.

  • Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a room. I especially like papers from York Wallcoverings. They have a line called Sure Strip which is completely removable! You can see their Sure Strip collections by going here:

  • Just recently came across a small Wallpaper Manufacturer out of Chicago called Mitchell Black. They have some really fun designs and print on commercial grade vinyl, paper, pre-pasted and peel and stick!

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