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lena corwin illustrated map book + giveaway

by Stephanie

I’m thrilled to end this week with a peek at a fantastic new book from one of my favorite designers, . I’ve admired Lena since we met back when I first started Design*Droits-Humains and have so enjoyed watching her work flourish and grow since then. Today Lena is introducing a fantastic new book called , a collection of hand-drawn maps she’s done over the past seven years. Lena started drawing these illustrated city maps for an interiors magazine after her brother-in-law Noah (a magazine designer) suggested she tackle the topic. looks at 40 of Lena’s favorites from her collection, including, but not limited to, 20 great American cities. Lena’s maps mix whimsy and function perfectly and always make me want to immediately hop on a plane and check out the spots she’s suggested. My favorite part of her new book is a set of ten interviews with local shop owners that accompany a selection of maps. While D*S strives to focus on design that everyone can easily access online, my heart has always been most strongly tied to regional design, so this book really makes me smile. I love the way Lena can capture the spirit of a city in one illustration — it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the differences and unique options each area has to offer.

Lena’s goes on sale today at a special price of $29 (today through April 3rd, 2011). You can pick up a copy on and view more images from the book. Lena has also offered to give away two copies of Maps to D*S readers. So if you’d like to win a copy, please leave a comment in the comment section below with a link to one of your favorite maps. Whether you have a favorite map on eBay you’ve been scouting, one you look at online all the time, a hand-drawn version on your blog or a photo of one around your home, this giveaway is all about celebrating maps. So please share your favorite, and next week Lena will pick her two favorites to win the free book copies. (Comments will be accepted through Monday, April 3rd, 2011)

In honor of local maps, Lena also created a special map for Design*Droits-Humains celebrating her favorite spots in her neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Her choices are listed below and depicted above. Thanks so much to Lena for sharing this with us today, and congrats on the fantastic new book. Stay tuned for a little sneak peek of Lena’s home on Monday, too!

Lena Corwin’s Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Map Key: (for map above)

1. (cafe)
2. (shop)
3. (restaurant)
4. (restaurant)
5. (restaurant)
6. (seasonal location)
7. (cafe & restaurant)
8. (shop)
9. (opera and movie theater)
10. (shop)
11. (shop)
12. (seasonal restaurant)
13. (shop)
14. (market)
15. (restaurant)
16. (seasonal)

*Note: It was hard to narrow down my favorite choices since there are many more great businesses in the neighborhood!

Until Monday, I wish you all a wonderful weekend. And I hope to see some of you at Brooklyn Day at Terrain on Saturday! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

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  • My favourite map is:

    I have it above my desk.
    Listening to the shipping forecast on the BBC world service at midnight makes me very nostalgic and a little homesick too! Gorgeous book…i’ve earmarked it as Christmas gift for friends

  • I really like these science maps – not traditional cartography, but awesome design. Here is my favorite, I think:

  • The book looks amazing. I’m a big fan of maps by These Are Things:

    Their world maps are great and also their smaller neighborhood maps are lovely too.

  • Oh which to choose!

    There’s this Texas map that I found from you guys:

    Then there’s this clever Social Networking Map:

    Then these map quilts from Haptic Lab:

  • I hadn’t really thought of other uses for maps until I saw Lena’s and in my mind I could see these framed in my son’s room. The vibrant colors are what I like the most!

  • My favorite poster is still this poster.
    I received it for Christmas a few years ago and I still love it!

  • I love the map quilts from Haptic Lab ()
    although my absolute favorite map is a map of South America from an old French board game that I found on Etsy ()

  • This makes me miss Atlanta dreadfully! I think it’d be wonderful to have such a sweet reminder of my college town?

  • These maps are absolutely lovely.

    My favorite map is the Boston baby quilt at Haptic Labs-

    I can’t wait until I’m able to order one!

  • Looking forward to checking out the book!

    Currently living in LA, but really missing Denver, so I love this neighborhood map by January Jones on etsy:

  • I love Lena’s maps! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of her new book:)

    Love this zero per zero nyc heart map:


    Vignelli’s classic 1972 nyc subway map and this clip from helvetica:

  • I didn’t even realize I loved maps until I found Pinterest and starting pinning map ideas like crazy! My favorites are a map magnetic board, atlas pillows, and maps as mats for photos…

  • Love these, so wonderful! As a wanderlust woman, you’re gorgeous maps make me smile.

    In homage to my home of New Orleans, LA, here is a very awesome “map” of the Mississippi River system:


  • I love maps! I love know where I am in the world. I still keep maps in my car and I can spend hours looking a maps on Google. Which reminds me…I was in a new part of town last night, I need to go Google it to see where I was!!

  • Lately fascinated by this map/infographic of my old Mission neighbourhood in SF: “cupcake shops can provide a more accurate and timely guide to the frontiers of urban gentrification than traditional demographic and real estate data sets.”

  • This is a “literary map” of my hometown San Francisco! It was done by the Chronicle a few years ago and completely captures the history & essence of this wonderful city. Swoon:

  • I love Ork Poster’s maps and had been waiting for them to release their Toronto map – it was worth the wait!

  • I’ve always loved these cut out maps from studiokmo! They’re so clean. I have had my eye on the Manhattan map for awhile and was excited to see that $100 of the sale goes towards the Japan efforts!

  • I adore maps – perhaps why I became an urban planner! Their are two that I love: the neighborhood map quilt:
    Massimo Vignelli’s 1970’s subway map:

  • This book is wonderful! I love maps of all shapes and sizes. Lately I’ve been admiring old panoramic maps, and this one in particular caught my eye (especially the lovely title block):

  • My favorite map right now is this one:

    My boyfriend and I went to Savannah for our anniversary last month and we bought it at shopSCAD (which I knew about because of the D*S city guide- so thanks). It was the perfect souvenir since we made a point of visiting every square in Savannah.

  • Hard to choose a favorite map, but here it goes:

    I loved the subway map/poster Erin Jang made for her nephew:

    The cool maps from These Are Things are on my wishlist:

    And these Mapping Stereotypes are so funny:

  • My favorite map is one of first ever real atempts to map the lunar surface:

    It must have been awe inducing when it was produced and it still continues to facinate. It was pretty accurate too, impressive!

  • Great book – what fun it is to look at maps. I found this one on eBay – my home state – pretty basic but I love the color of the water.

  • What an awesome book! I had no idea that Lena Corwin did illustration as well! My favorite city is Paris, and I love this colorful map of it:

  • I love her designs & can’t wait to see the book. My fave map is more of a map design inspiration from Domino ages ago. A photo is here…

  • The map of Napoleon’s March and retreat from Russia is fantastic — the line showing his route changes in thickness to show the change in troop size, and there is visual info about temp and time.

  • I have a serious obsession with maps! I found an awesome French bird’s eye view map of Philadelphia in a local antique shop just recently, along with a Philadelphia ward map! I have pictures here on my blog:

  • Lena Corwin is one of my favorites, i just eat her blog up every time she posts. Its like candy for the eyes. Not to mention the extra special-ness of Wee Textile, love!

  • Love this Seattle map by Ork Posters: Just saw it in a map store by Pike’s Place on my recent trip last week!

  • I love Lena’s illustrations and this map book looks fantastic (looks like there’s a Toronto map too)!

    One of my favourite maps would have to be this illustrative map of the Thames by Siggi Eggertson — absolutely brilliant:

  • It’s not exactly a map, but it houses maps:

    I LOVE browsing this site, and comparing old Portland to Portland as I know it.

  • I live in Southern California, but my heart belongs to Chicago! Love this Chicago map!

    And my husband and I have always been on the look out for a noli map of Rome. We would LOVE that map to take up a whole wall in our house someday!

  • I love maps, too – who doesn’t? Ever since I saw this photo (on Centsational Girl via Better Homes and Gardens), I have been looking for maps to duplicate the look on the french doors to my home office. I just love it!

  • I will have to come back to these comments and look at all of y’all maps!

    Here is one I posted to my Facebook page yesterday for baseball’s opening day:

  • I studied cartography and do GIS analysis for a living, so of course I am OBSESSED with maps. I am currently craving these topography themed maps by etsy seller crafterall, so gorgeous! Someday I will have enough cash to get a custom one of the Thousand Islands. I am smitten with Lena’s work so quirky and cute.

  • As an urban planning students maps are both a passion and an essential part of my life. Here’s one of my favourite ‘maps.’ Created by Monocle Magazine, map of the perfect city block!

  • I have been hoping to take a trip to New Orleans… here is a very cool map of The Big Easy: (Bottom row)

    While you’re there, how freaking cool is that periodic table of the elements??

    Thanks for the head’s up on Lena’s maps. LOVE!

  • These are great! I’m a bit obsessed with maps of all kinds.

    The 1972 NYC subway map:

    Nigel Peake’s map drawings:

    pretty much anything on this website:

  • Oh wow, what a great giveaway! I already know the person to whom I will gift this (if I can avoid keeping it all to myself!) LOVE. One of my favorite maps is this pink papercut map of Paris:

    But there are so many more…

  • lena’s work is incredible. her new book makes me giddy!

    i love maps. i’ve bought my husband laminated wall maps of different continents for the past few years. one of my faves is the scratch-off world map () and, to toot my own horn, a recent wedding map i illustrated for a client ().

  • I’ve been in love with this map idea since I saw it on d*s last October:

    I especially like how the process was explained! And it’s a map that you can always keep with you.

  • I love this map of no particular place! It just reminds me of a great day spent exploring a city and experiencing great food!

  • My favorite map is actually a map of Bar Harbor area Maine we have above the mantle in our living room. It’s topographical and I just love the colors and details!! I should thank my husband’s ex-girlfriend for gifting it to him years and years ago! :) You can see it during a video on my blog–sorry it’s the only photo I have of it so far! cottage 1910.blogspot.com

  • Wow, what a gorgeous book! I’d love to win. =)

    This is another of my favorite maps, a papercut version of San Francisco Bay’s waters. So cool.

  • I love this! I think maps are one of those weird and wonderful things. Made for people so they can navigate, purely functional, yet somehow are just great to look at as art, design, past, present, future, landscape…
    My favourite maps I found on this design blog website – – cut out from a single sheet of paper

  • Can mine be a book of maps?

    Atlas of Remote Islands – I have this book and I’ve given it as a gift. The maps are great but so are the true stories that read like adventure-fiction.

  • I love the very intricate and (probably) labor intensive and time-consuming maps from the Etsy seller studiokmo. My favorite is this one:

    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  • I work as a graphics specialist and an archaeologist at a historical consultation company here in New Jersey so I am constantly looking through historic maps on a daily basis, this collection is one of my favorites! I’m also a huge supporter and fan of the architecture/history/culture that surround Ocean Grove and Asbury Park, NJ, so I hope you all enjoy the map!


  • Maps of all kinds have always fascinated me. I would love to make a quilt of one of Lena’s maps.

  • I am a kids/teen librarian and I have always been fascinated with maps of make-believe places. I like to ask kids, where have you read? Meaning what other worlds have you visited…this map is a neat-o look at lots of those places:

  • I love the map Lena made for purl soho’s move. I work in the neighborhood and I have it pinned up in my cubicle to remind me of all the fun places that are steps away. I also love These Are Things maps that have similar blend of reality and whimsy, which is how the world should be!

  • I LOVE maps and always collect them when traveling…this is a favorite map of mine, from a place I have yet to see…

  • there’s actually a blog FULL of maps that the geography geek inside me just loves. it’s called strange maps and it features current and historic maps that are unique (and sometimes odd). SO awesome!

    would love to win this book–especially because stockholm is one of the cities shown in the preview and it’s my favorite city in the world!

  • Kim Dingle’s United Shapes of America from the best map book ever, You Are Here:

  • Hey! Love the book!!

    I have a lovely old tattered and dog-eared mapbook of Paris from the 60’s on my desk for inspiration. I took some pics just for this occasion! My favourite part is the handwritten phone numbers for “Loupi” and “Nico”. I would also liek to add that I’ve been doing this while I really should have been doing my homework if that furthers my cause :)
    Check it out on my blog:

  • Ok, well hometown pride so I LOVE this map and have it in my bathroom at home.

    But i also love this bands maps as they take a journey across the country to play music.


  • LOVE the book!

    My favorite map is of the Atlanta BeltLine’s Southwest section, which runs through my neighborhood. I’m going to frame it and add it to my picture wall in my home office.

  • Wow. There’s nothing more thrilling than discovering the quirky hidden treasures in new exotic places. This would be the perfect handbook to explore some unseen parts of the globe.

    I think that these maps and felted houses perfectly portray the emotions and journey that exploring a new place can take you on:

  • Awesome book! I’d love to win a copy.

    My latest map obsession is this 1930s schoolbook, hand-drawn map of England, found on etsy from the StoriesDivination store:

    Can’t wait to look through other people’s favorites!

  • My favorite map is this one:

    It redefines the map and is an ode to my favorite state (besides Texas).

  • I absolutely love maps…. could look at them for hours!! Too bad I feel like they’re becoming a thing of the past with all the GPS devices and nav systems these days…. BUT, thank heavens for such creative minds reinventing them and making them as beautiful as ever!!

    Here’s one of my favs… I live in NC and have visited all of these lighthouses! GORGEOUS!

  • I have a big roadmap of Great Britain in the hallway of my flat, which everyone stops to look at- I love it when people point out where they’re from. I also have a laminated hand drawn map I made of the English counties (to try to memorise them before I moved to the UK – didn’t completely work!) which is much admired.

    There is a poem at the end of Alexander McCall Smith’s “Love over Scotland” which describes for me the essence of a satisfying map – one which is personal and which evokes memories and emotions. It’s worth finding and reading!

  • I studied abroad in Florence when I was in college and this would be a constant reminder of all the wonderful places I got to visit.

  • I love this vintage map of California with a monarch butterfly floating on top.

    It reminds me of a story my dad told me about his time in the Navy when he was stationed on the California coast and he witnessed the monarch butterfly migration. It just seemed so magical – this map would be a nice reminder of that.

  • I adore the work of Karen m. O’Leary:

    Her stuff changes as it’s bought, but this one is of my home-town, so I have to love it;)

  • I immediatly knew exactly which map I was going to choose. :)

    I’ve been saving up for this hand drawn map of Paris, which is where my husband and I spent our honeymoon.

  • this has got to be one of the most beautiful maps that has been popping up all over the internet in the recent weeks
    added to my svpply until I can grab one for myself.

  • I am a huge fan of maps, actually considered it as a career, doesn’t seem the same now when you consider they are done on computers. So thank goodness the drawn map still lives. Denis Wood is an amazing cartographer amongst other things. This American Life did an amazing story about him a few years ago.

    Here’s a link to that:

    to his website:

    and my favourite of his maps:

    Enjoy, Steve.

  • My family is from the Philippines, but I’ve never met most of them. I’ve been begging my grandmother to take me back there. This journal would be perfect for documenting that very important journey.

  • Here is part of my wedding website my future husband designed. The map has important places to us. We also have a map theme on our invitations.

  • I would LOVE to win this!!

    Not quite sure if this counts as a “map” map – but I’ve always been in love with this brooklyn poster from Jim Datz:

    I also love this NY State of Mind map:

    *fingers crossed!*

  • This is a map of the Old Town in my hometown Raahe in the north of Finland. It is a beautiful area with some very old wooden houses. It’s a very unique neighborhood, there are only a few of them left in such a good condition in the whole country. I used to go for walks around there a lot when I still lived there, now that I’ve move abroad I just look at the map on my wall and imagine myself wandering around the pretty little streets…

  • I thought I was the only one obsessed with maps. Now I’m spending the afternoon looking at all the links posted in the comments! My favorite map is one I had custom created at
    It’s of the neighborhood where I grew up in San Diego.

  • I’m OBSESSED with maps. My current favorite is the Ork Maps of Chicago. I blogged about it. It hangs in my bedroom and has inspired my entire blue/white/orange bedroom color palate.

    for the map:

    for the bedroom inspiration board:

  • Beutiful book! I want this vintage map of Copenhagen for my son’s nursery so he can see where Grandma & Grandpa (FarMor og FarFar) live…anyone know how to iron a map? Just put a towel between?!

  • Love, love, love maps!

    This map reminds me of the one that always hung in my parents’ home… a map that I used to spend hours staring at and imagining about how brave and adventurous the sailors were, sailing off into the unknown, possibly about to sail off the edge of the earth! ;

  • My absolute fave kind of map has to be an old school souvenir map with tons of illustration on it. Especially when it comes in 50’s scarf form:

    I’d either wear this every day or frame it, I can’t decide which!

  • I love maps! And Lena’s work is beautiful. I would love to have her book displayed on my coffee table.

    A couple maps I’ve done and of course my favourite maps:

  • Truly there are not enough artist maps of Philadelphia. We’re a great city, I don’t know why we are so often over looked. Maybe we’re to close to NYC?

  • I love all the quilt maps from Haptic Lab (). I would be thrilled to have the one of my beloved Fort Greene neighborhood!

    The book looks amazing!

  • This is a bit abstract but I am kinda obsessed with this website called sporcle.com that has all sorts of “intellectually stimulating diversions” (nerdy, I know) but they have a countries of the world quiz, so that’s going to have to be my favorite map:

    Knowledge is power!

  • Maps are the best, especially when they are done so creatively! I can see why Noah suggested you tackle such a project.

    Whenever I have a child, in however many years that may be, and if it’s a boy, I’ve always been eyeing this map for their nursery/room:

    Thank you!!

  • my favorite maps are those that have been reworked by artists nick deford, particularly the piece entitled LOST

  • I’d love to win this book! My fave of the moment I posted about a little bit ago () It’s in watercolor and by Swiss Cottage Design:

  • Such beautiful artwork! A creative map I heard about recently is this “scratch-off-where-you’ve-been” map:

  • Hi, I love this map of Paris for the colours and for littles hearts like places “des amours”.

    But in this time I watch the map of Prague – the city of my heart. I miss it now when I can’t be there for a long long time.

  • My favorite map is this one:

    It hangs in our living room to remind my fiance and I of where we met and where we’ll be married later this year. He lived in SF and I lived about 2000 miles away for half of the time we’ve been together. He finally took the plunge and moved away from SF, so I bought him this to remember all the time we spent together there and hope to spend there in the future.

  • Since 3 months, Antwerp is my new hometown. Biking through town, it’s so exciting to gradually fill in the blanks on a whole new map, drawing lines to dots. And to my surprise, you chose this city for your book cover. Fantastic!
    Here’s another idea to keep the town you love close to your heart: Kelli Anderson’s hanky… nifty!

  • My father has always adored maps, and it’s a love he passed on to me. When I lived in Venice for a few months he sent me with a old Tabacchi map that was already well worn. I quickly got over not wanting to look like “tourist” and carried it with me everywhere. By the time I returned to the states it was falling apart – it truly became my companion.

    Thank you for making this beautiful book celebrating maps!

  • I love the NY City Map by Famille Sommerbelle: . I bought the blue print and used it to make a clock for one of my missing-her-Manhattan-home pals from a DIY on Design *Droits-Humains last March (). She loved it!

  • I love this map here. One because I love Minneapolis/St.Paul area. And two because the colors are just so fabulous!

  • This is by no means my favorite map in terms of design but I love how this maps puts into perspective the scale of Detroit as a city. I think it helps people who live outside of Michigan to better understand how large the cities bounds are and

  • What a great giveaway!! These maps are amaaazing! I’m a huge fan of maps and globes.

    One of my favorite map artists is Karen M. O’leary (of Studiokmo), whose maps are made up of tiny vertical lines! This one of SF is my favorite because I live in the Bay Area, and I love how it’s a diptych!

  • Great Giveaway!

    I love this type and I love maps so I really like when they are combined like this map:

  • Here’s a lovely annotated map of Sag Harbor by author Colson Whitehead — his novel of the same name is based on his childhood experiences of summers spent living in the African-American community there.

  • I have the These Are Things “Europe Map / Green” at home and love it above all others; somehow I find myself going back to look at it online even at work: I just love that brick red color against the pale yellow and “dusty green.”

  • P.S. Though I have to admit I do find myself tracing all the routes on the NYC Subway Culinary Map by Rick Meyerowitz and Maira Kalman:

  • I really like this old map from Copenhagen:

    i think i like it so much because it looks so old, but still modern.

  • COOL book! Haven’t looked at all of the comments yet, so my fave may already be listed, but I LOVE these maps of the alluvial valley of the lower mississippi:

    Other great maps on this site, 2.

  • My favorite map has to be the 1748 Nolli Map of Rome. I spent a semester there in college and a copy of this went everywhere with me. It was accurate to within 3″ and so beautiful!

  • How perfect you posted this. I’ve been scouring the internet for a pretty map of Paris or just France in general for a few months now. Here’s one that’s a favorite. I’m dying to put in my children’s craft/play room someday. Course, that’s a bit in the future…hubby and I have to get on that I guess!

  • I can’t wait to scroll through the comments and check out everyone’s favorites. I try to pick at least one map out for every place I have been, or places I have lived. My favorite is one I can’t find online, but its a nautical map of the Downeast coast of Maine (where I am from and where I long to be every day in the summer). I have this 1903 map of Buffalo NY saved in my favorites on Etsy. – I live in Buffalo now, and just bought a house built in 1910, so I am fascinated with anything giving a glimpse of turn of the century Buffalo.

  • I love Lena Corwin, and I also love the maps by These Are Things. Their original world map print graces my living room and makes me happy everyday :)

  • I love maps, and more importantly, so does my partner. His birthday is coming up and I’ve promised him I wont spend any money (I’m in grad school, we’re scrapping by!) but I’d love to be able to give him such a beautiful gift.

    Usually, for our birthdays, which are close to each other, we’ll go on a trip together instead of buying physical gifts. This year, however, we wont be able to because we’re currently living an ocean apart, for the second time in our relationship! For me, maps symbolize longing, adventure, and love that can withstand anything!

    I know Adam would love Lena’s maps because they are just his style – he loves clean, bold lines and colors. I love that these maps will spark our memories (we’ve traveled together to about a quarter of the locations) and our inspiration for adventures to come.

    His favorite map may be a lovely vintage one of Maine (where he grew up) that we got at a little antique book and map store in Portland before it sadly closed.

  • Lena’s book looks very fun! I visited Bali last year, and then came across a photo of an artist painting a graphic version of the map of the island….it made me want to fly right back! :o)

  • Fun! I’ve been obsessing over Paula Scher’s maps!
    Love the crazy detail, typography, and colors!

  • I love to travel, which leads to my love of maps! What a fun book!

    Here is a map I found on Etsy that I just fell in love with:

  • How amazing is this work from karen m o’leary who is an architectural designer/artist. You can tell she really loves what she does. Her handcut maps are really just insane, but I’ve had my eye on this chi-town stretched canvas print.

  • I love this little map of my home state:

    As a child I had a jigsaw puzzle of this map that I did all the time!

  • I am also a lover of maps. I use them all the time in my work. Here is one of my favorite pieces that is made up of hundreds of hand drawn maps sewn together

  • One of my favorite artists is Jeremy Collins. He illustrates beautiful maps:

    If you look under the maps section, you will see all of his awesome illustrations!

  • I absolutely adore maps and am starting a collection. I got the vintage maps calendar from Cavallini this year:

  • As a recent NYC to LA transplant, I am missing my hometown so much… especially my beloved subway! Here’s a link to one of my favorite maps:

    This book looks wonderful. I love maps!

  • I found this 1888 map of Alton, NH, the town where my husband grew up and where we were married. His grandfather was the town doctor, with an office right in his large 1887 Victorian right on Main Street. I purchased this map and had it framed for my husband for Father’s Day two years ago. It now hangs prominently in our dining room.

  • The map inside probably isn’t too special, but I like the cover to this one because this is what it looked like when I dragged my boyfriend to visit Saskatchewan too.

  • A couple of years ago, our organization (Neighborhood Writing Alliance) partnered with the People’s Atlas of Chicago to feature Chicagoans’ personalized Chicago maps – the ones linked to on this page feature someone’s interpretation of the city gentrifying, and someone else’s map of Chicago from memory.

  • We had a local illustrator design our wedding invitations. My husband had a brilliant idea to include a map of the wedding venue (a French restaurant) and surrounding places of interest that were meaningful to us (our apartment, our local market, where to get good coffee etc.) It was not only functional but was personal and unique to us.
    It’s my favourite map!

  • I’m a map lover! I studied Geography in college and fell in love with all things cartography! This is not so much a map but rather some art made of maps that is just lovely:

  • This kind of thing makes me heart ache to travel more.

    My favorite map ever is one a friend of mine posted on her blog from when she went to Venice:

    It’s the third picture down on this entry. After visiting there myself I realized how ambitious she was to catalogue even a small part of that city. . .

  • I absolutely love maps– especially outdated ones that document old borders and former territories. I also love the idea of HUGE maps that you can mark up with pushpins to indicate places you’ve been and places you’d love to go; it makes you feel connected to memories of travel and loved ones abroad, while also keeping the hope of traveling in the future alive!

  • I used to live in Fort Greene & seeing Lena’s map of my beloved neighborhood brought back so many wonderful memories! That map would have to be my new personal favorite.

  • I LOVE anything by Mathew Picton. The amazing detail and precision in which he sculpts his maps is stunning, especially in person.

    I was born and raised in Prague, and I would love to win this book and see the Prague map by Lena.

  • I love the maps at the Vatican Museum. I like seeing an ancient view of the world, the whole hallway lined in maps is very impressive!

  • Hooray for maps!

    I lived in Savannah during graduate school, and the city really got under my skin. Thus, I’ve been eyeing this simple, graphic interpretation of the city’s beloved squares: .

  • I’d be really excited to see Lena’s map of my favorite city, Istanbul. Turkey was also home to my favorite historical mapmaker, the 16th-century sea captain Piri Reis. I love how colorful and graphic his maps are:

  • Would love to travel with Lena’s book! Ditch the Fodors and Lonely Planet.

    I run a citizen science mapping project at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that can be found at , but I cut my teeth on this map [ ] which I “stole” from a discard pile at my undergrad university. It takes up a whole wall in my house, but I love it.

  • I have an obsession with maps. And England. It’s true. So this mapcut by Studio MKO is perfection. [Unfortunately, the price-tag is not.]

  • I love maps – I think that they make the best wall art and I love looking at them in books as well. We just finished a map unit in my kindergarten class, and my favorite maps are the ones that my kindergarteners draw of their journey from home to school. They take the bus every day, many of them for a long time, and I love seeing the journey through their eyes, and the landmarks that they choose to put on their maps!

  • I’ve been working on some maps of my own, so this gets me pumped to see this adorable book! Here is my favorite map–it’s a world atlas book my papa left for me after he passed away–I opened it to a coincidental spread; Massachusetts & Michigan–where I want to live & where I am from :)

    It’s great seeing everyone else’s favorite maps, too! Such a great idea–have fun going through them all!! :)

  • This was an impossible task. I love maps. Love. Love. Love. I’ve never thought about a “favorite” map, but I guess I love maps most because of what they represent, which is travel and exploration, so my favorite would have to be a world map, and if I could only have one map for the rest of my life, I’d have to rely on Rand McNally’s classic. That McNally really knows how to do up a map.

  • I’ve always wanted these maps! I love the feature in Elle Decor…

    i can’t find the photo but i’ve always wanted floor to ceiling world map wallpaper for a kids room.

  • Hi there! I am a huge fan of this book! The illustrations and character is fantastic! My favorite map, however, has a strange palate: my forearm!

  • I LOVE maps, too. We have an antique one (South East Asia) in our foyer, a vintage one (of Buffalo, where the Mr. grew up) near our bedroom, and a fabric one (of the Paris Metro) waiting to be hung.

    Favorite map? Oh dear. The new world map from Famille Summerbelle is up there right now:

    So going to buy this if I don’t win!

  • Yes please to winning the book!!

    I stumbled upon this etsy site and if only the creator knew how much I loved her work and especially the color choices!
    Get ready to fall in love…

  • Last summer I worked in free health clinics along the Tibetan border of Himachal Pradesh, India. I’m a medical student and this adventure solidified my path towards becoming a culturally aware public health advocate. Thank you HHE!

    Beautiful book!

  • Last summer I worked in free health clinics along the Tibetan border of Himachal Pradesh, India. I’m a medical student and this adventure solidified my path towards becoming a culturally aware public health advocate. Thank you HHE!

    Beautiful book!

  • what a great idea for a book! great depictions accompanied by first hand knowledge. really like this map:
    for it’s simplicity and coloring

  • I love maps! I’ve been to the author’s site and love her stuff. I have a collection of Dell mapbacks (here’s one example here).

    But my favorite maps are probabbly by John Held Jr. Here’s a link to “A Dog’s Idea of an Ideal Country Estate”

  • I am in love with all forms of maps, especially ones that are personal and tell a story!

    I especially love this hand-drawn map of New York City by Francesca Pasini. It tells the story of her time in each borough with Regina Spektor’s lyrics and different typographic styles. Beautiful!

  • Dare I say it? I love topographical maps so much that we have one hanging in the family room! It is of Central PA (where I live) in the Great Valley (yes it is really called that…). Just for all you other map people, you can get some here, too (US Geological Survey)

  • Nice illustration !

    Fav maps? hmm…I cant choose one, there are many favourite maps :D
    I like vintage and handmade kind maps and maps be printed on tshirt, cushion, or anything.

    Like these ones (I searched on Etsy)

  • Here’s a picture of my bedroom, in China, where I live!

    I love maps. Road maps from road trips cover my walls in the living room.

  • Seattle continually unfurls its charm and creative allure. Just holding a Seattle map in my hand makes me happy. Here’s a one-of-a-kind cutout map:

  • What a fabulous book!! I adore maps, and this is one of my favorites:

    How fun to look at what others have posted, too! Great idea-

  • This map is of my favorite ski park, where I grew up. It represents my childhood and the beautiful nature of Mt. Shasta!

  • I am a sucker for maps. Lena’s book looks amazing. Her illustrations are works of art in themselves; definitely a coffee-table worthy book!

    Last year Martha Stewart Living came out with a gorgeous article in the July issue on vintage maps printed on textiles.

    We recently moved from Hawaii and I am homesick. I hope to incorporate a little bit of Aloha into our new home.

  • My husband loves maps, and I found this one I love when searching to decorate our baby’s room, but the stork brought our little one early, so the room still needs some work!

  • this is my favorite map, one of my alma mater.

    i carried a hard copy around for the first 2 weeks of classes! kinda dorky but at least i was never lost or late :)

  • My favorite map is on Etsy! It is a fox made from old maps

    The artists name is Jason LaFerrera. He has a lot more animals made out of maps on his Etsy account, all which are stunning, but the fox is my favorite by far!!

  • Maps are my ‘peche mignon’ love them all from new to old ones specially from the 1600’s which I consider to be made by ‘the fathers’s of graphic design’ haha. Love the colorful ones. This one is from my the area were I live. PS. Love your book there are at least 3 places were I lived in!!!! Paris, Montreal, London…justs missing a brazilian city but well. Love it Love it Love it

  • I think Christiane Engel’s illustrations are so cute, I especially like this one of Iceland, maybe one day I will get to go there!

  • I always have a thing with illustrated maps. I love the fact that Lena has choose Buenos Aires, the city were I live most of the time, and I will love to see the map she made about my beautiful city.
    Congratulations Lena !

    I attched an illustrated map from Ian Mitchell

  • Here is a map of Rottnest Island off Western Australia that I have visited many times and of which I have fond memories of summer holidays,

  • Hand-drawn maps collected in a book – count me in! Beautiful. I love seeing some of my favorite places through Lena’s eyes – she has such a uniquely lovely sense of design & taste.

  • This book would be wonderful inspiration for making our own maps of our travels.

    The link I’m sharing is of a map themed quilt that I made with my quilting bee partners. The blocks contain everything from a map of neural pathways in the brain to a map of a street from childhood.

  • I’d love to win this book for my children. My favorite map is from Wenham, Massachusetts. Its an illustration created of a college campus near my childhood home.

  • Love the maps! The illustrations are so bright and clear…Guess Nashville is my favorite because it reminds me of great times in a city I love.

  • What a gorgeous book!

    My favourite map is the London Underground map – not strictly a map but a diagram, but still!

  • I love Lena’s clean clear look of her maps. She is able to convey the feel of the places with minimal but wonderful use of objects and color. I love to use old and discarded maps in my art. I love all kinds of maps…of cities, countries, world and heart.

  • I love this pirates’ treasure map of Florida: . My brother and I used to study similar maps as children and plot how we could dig up all that gold! In our minds, it was right there and easy for the taking! Right?? Our imaginations ran wild.

  • When I opened my email today I knew I had to have this book! Better yet, Design*Droits-Humains is doing a giveaway. Nice! I’m attaching a link to a photo of my own DIY project. A vintage map that I decoupaged and turned into a magnetic board in my office. I used 2 different maps and even tea stained one of them to get the patina to match. Hope you love it!

  • I love letterpress and when I saw this featured on Design*Droits-Humains a while back I had to have it. Just bought it on sale a few days ago:

  • I love this shop on etsy:

    they sell antique maps and I love all of them. My husband loves maps so I always try to hunt some down and this store has been the best find for me so far.

  • I’ve always LOVED Lena Corwin’s maps. I bookmark them when I come across them.
    But I got this for Christmas from my best friend, and I think that it comes as a close second…

  • Her book looks just charming. I would love to have it on my coffee table. I would also love to have this sweet map on my wall:

  • I’m enchanted by the notion that unexplored regions were the domain of fantastical beasties.
    Hic sunt dracones!

  • I have been working on a map of my own for a year now. I am a little biased, so my own map is still my favorite.

  • I fell in love with maps when I studied abroad for a semester in college. Since then I have loved finding new ways to use the maps that I have collected. This link is a project that I really want to try.

  • I love these topographic maps of bodies of water.

    Being dying to get one made of my dad’s favorite surf spot to give to him as a gift.

  • <3 this fun and festive map:


  • I love this one from 1836. My grandparents have a cottage on Clear Lake, Indiana and my siblings and I have spent much of our lives enjoying it. The name of the lake was originally “Kasota” after the tribe that lived near it. I love the history of this map and knowing how the area around my hometown (Fort Wayne, IN) has evolved over time.

  • I love maps of all kinds but I’m especially fond of author Laurie Keller’s map of the US in her book, The Scrambled States of America:

  • A map as a way to organize a slice-of-life website. All those beautiful faces are regionally organized so you can see the cultural divides and overlaps. A sense of geography and place on the web. Rare and much appreciated.

  • I desperately want this map decal for my daughter’s room. It is adorable, but I can’t justify $128 for a sticker.

  • i work at the canadian centre for architecture and this is my favorite map:

    click on the object in the bottom right, Topographical map by an unknown draughtsman, n.d. CCA Collection.

  • Maps are essential to life on our planet — and off, too, for that matter. Without them, how will we know we’ve arrived?

  • The book looks beautiful. I’ve always been fascinated by maps.

    I think this one of the harbor area of San Francisco is charming:

  • I am a native New Yorker who moved to Oregon 23 years ago, but is returning this summer. I have always loved reading the New York subway map. This is probably the most recent version, and is so colorful. With all of the boroughs, New York is such a huge place to navigate, but I have always loved how this map makes the city such a manageable place to live.

  • I actually bought my favorite map for my husband a couple years ago. (Thanks Design Droits-Humains for the link! ) Now it hangs in our dining room with pins for all of the places we have traveled together. I love it!

  • I’ll keep my fingers crossed. The book looks wonderful.

    My favorite map is a treasure map my 7 yr. old daughter drew for me.

  • Yes!! I love this book and Lena’s illustration style!! Thank you for this posting.

    One of my favorite maps was featured on D*S – it’s Lucy Feagins’ Balaclava map, seen here:

  • This map reminds me of the magical study abroad term I spent in Barcelona, one of my favorite cities. Not to mention the amazing skill and craftsmanship exhibited!

  • I first became aware of WHO Lena was when Purl Soho moved:

    I had seen her work before but didn’t know her name. I adore her maps!

  • my favourite map story is of my 3 year old niece doing a drawing. i asked “haley, what are you drawing?” she said “a map”. i asked “where is the map of?” she said “no where”. so of course i scoffed “what good is a map of no where?” and she answered me with absolute certainty, “auntie, it’s a map of no where so you can use it anywhere.” it made perfect sense. sheesh!

    i don’t have the drawing but i do love this old old map of my area of the world…

    it’s hanging in my living room.

  • Aww, so hard to choose! Can I link to two?! One is a beautiful old Czech map from the 60s and the other is a map of the moon drawn by Galileo

  • I have always loved maps and the book looks so fantastic. Normally I am drawn to worn vintage maps of my favorite cities but lately I just have to figure out how to get one Sohei Nishino’s Diorama maps of Paris, not your traditional map, but they are fantastic and the process to get to this “map” is fascinating… hope you love it too.

  • I too have always loved Lena’s maps. We have a map in our kitchen that looks a lot like this one:

    It’s of Vienna (where my husband’s grandmother was from) but it was my dad’s when he traveled in Europe in 1968.

  • what better way to show off places than to illustrate them on maps. gorgeous book. :)
    not sure if globes count for maps…but one day, i’d like to have a custom globe done by miss wendy gold.

  • Ooops, my bad. The map I listed above was really done by Neryl Walker.

    I didn’t know Lena did the Purl move map. I have it saved in a Google Doc I use for inspirational stuff. I really love it.

  • Here’s another cool one – it’s an old map of Zurich. Click the zoomed in snapshots to see detail:

  • woot! woot! for cute maps.

    i love this one b/c i love mozambique. the hubs and i are moving there next year.

  • I love this vinage map of Paris, and guess what?? it’s high resolution, yay!
    The University of Toronto’s map and data library is an awesome resource for hi-res maps.

  • Being a writer and English teacher, I’m drawn to anything literary. That’s why I love this map of Literary Britain and Northern Ireland:

    And just for curiosity’s sake, you should check out the Melbourne Poetry Map…it takes you on a tour of Melbourne, Australia via beautiful illustrations and audio poems:

    I do live in the U.S., in case my links caused you to think otherwise. :)

  • That comment about cupcake shops in Mission, SF is genius.

    My husband and I are big fan of maps, and we both have been collecting maps from all the cities in the world that we’ve been to. For his first birthday being his wife, I got him a big version of the Peters World Map. This map (not very pretty, I know – project for designers!) shows the actual size and proportion between the continents (you’d be surprised to see how small North America is compared to Africa), and it’s a good reminder of how maps (and history books) show us only a narrow vision of how the world is – but one than can actually predetermine the way we see it. Going beyond that, actually, the North is not really on “top” of the South. :)

    For more info:

  • This map is notable because it is the first time that the word “America” was used in relation to the new world:

  • Lovely book! I’ve adored maps since I was a little girl. I printed this old Louisiana map… framed it… and hung it in my living room. Love it!

  • The school teacher in me loves how educational maps are but mostly I’m wild about how beautiful they look! I love visiting Vancouver so this is one of my favorite maps

  • The Twin Cities! The Nordic influence, perception of “oh too cold to live in,” and progressive attitude make this the place to be. And the map captures just a very few of the reasons why!

  • This is a “map” of a house…because my favorite place to be is at home!!! (ignore the “pollutant” part)

  • Lena’s new book looks super rad! I love her illustration style! One of my favorite maps is this world map () by Golden Geography. I’d love a massive version of this painted on my walls!

  • I grew up in Japan and always loved taking the Tokyo metro because of the colorful maps and trains. Looking at the maps of the Tokyo subways still makes me happy.

  • My husband and I love vintage maps, that remind us of places we’ve lived or visited. This is one of our favorites- it’s where I grew up!

  • I love maps of Europe from places we visited, I have a weakness for vintage maps and this one is one I’ve been eyeing for awhile!

  • My Japanese host family gave me a xeroxed map of their neighborhood (Ikebukuro) when I spent 12 days with them this past summer.

    And pictured on the right is a lovely map taken from Lonely Planet’s guide to Tokyo.

  • I am a geologist and I love the US Geological Survey’s map of North America. Geologic maps have fantastic colors and are unlike anything else.

    I have a poster of it.

  • I love lena’s work so so much. We travel a lot and I enjoy maps and the variety of maps you can find.. It ia a difficult choice but one of my very favorites is this

  • this post made my day! as a recent transplant to brooklyn, i was so happy to see the fort greene map. it’s like a treasure map :) i have a habit of collecting maps and globes. one of my favorite purchases was a house warming gift for friends who had recently purchased their first home in boston. karen o’leary of studiokmo does some beautiful work! incredible detail…

  • I love maps so much. I keep the maps I get on my travels and sometimes frame them.

    This is my favorite map.

    It brings back happy memories of childhood ski vacations in Idaho.

  • After moving to a new city, my brother painted this and hung it in his new apartment. It’s a famous corner in Winnipeg nicknamed “Confusion Corner.” I guess it’s a little piece of home for him in his new place. What I really love about it is that he had never even attempted to paint before, but this symbol was so important to him that he went about making it himself and now proudly displays it over his couch. Super cool, big bro!

  • Such a beautiful book!! I have a real thing for metro maps, they are so colorful and graphic. My favorite is Paris, it really represents the energy and diversity of the city.

  • I’d love to see her version of Madrid, Spain. I used to live there, and find that it’s one of those European capitals that gets forgotten about in artsy-fartsy design stuff. Barcelona gets lots of love, but not my dear Madrid.

    I found this interesting 1950s guide/map on EBay, but I’d love to have something with a bit more personality!

  • I love Lena’s books. She’s amazing! My favorite map – STOCKHOLM, becouse i’m a big fan of Scandinavia and like this city. Have a nice Sunday!

  • Whew! Sifting through these comments will be quite the time commitment! I love how useful and clever this little guy is:

  • when i was little i would draw maps on long car trips which consisted of a long continuous line, meandering across the page and representative of every bump and every turn. i still love trips and i still love maps.

  • This book stirs up the wanderlust in me. I’ve visited 9 of the US sites in the book, so I need to get going. I knit and sew and one of my favorites is the baby quilt store too!

  • My favourite map is:

    Space Invader came to Perth in 2001 and put up his mosaics all around the city and I’ve had fun trying to figure out where they are hidden thanks to the clues from this hand drawn map by the artist. I still can’t find a few but hopefully I’ll get them soon

  • Having a VERY limited budget these days, I mostly have to admire beautiful things exclusively online. What a coincidence that I was JUST looking at Lena’s new map book and feeling disappointed that I wasn’t able to afford it at this time (even with the discount)…what a lovely opportunity!
    these are two maps that I’ve lovingly admired and bookmarked for someday in the future:

  • I just love these neighborhood maps. I just had one framed for a friend for her wedding and she LOVED it.

  • I love maps.
    GPS doesn’t count- I have to have a map when travelling.
    I grew up in New Mexico, so here’s a little map of my state…

  • I’ve been following Lena’s maps on Elle Decor for a while now. I’ve especially enjoyed her Istanbul map and I kept it since that’s where I’m from.

    My favorite maps are oceanic depth maps – I can’t get over the beautiful shades of blue. Here is an example:

  • i love the idea of this map…
    central park’s trees!

    not that i have a fondness for this topic, but i was fixated on this map when i was unemployed…
    nytimes interactive unemployment rates map

  • oooh, looks like a great book. i’m a big lena fan!! i love papercuts and maps – so, combine the two and it’s a great thing:

  • This book is so cute! I don’t have a link to a map, but my favorite map is my globe that I’ve had since I was little. I used to love spinning it and landing my finger somewhere and what it would be like to travel there

  • maps are awesome!
    Here is one I made inviting colleagues to a birthday apéro, with state-park like graphics pointing out the sites along the way.
    starting point: work
    destination: fun
    route: scenic or cycle

  • What a lovely book.

    I also love this old colourful map of Copenhagen (the lower right one):

    And this map about education is so interesting:

    And lastly, who wouldn’t like a guide to help them find the flower fairies in this world:

  • Would love to see your book! As you can see by this blog piece contributed to Felt&Wire, I recently wrote about a few of my favorite artists who work with maps. Now that I know about you and all the wonderful links given above, perhaps a part 2 is in order!:

  • I live in New Mexico where the maps can be quite dull due to the vas spanding of empty land. That is, if you are looking at the land. What if we looked at people instead?
    LA county “racial divide” map:
    This makes my top favorites because of how aesthetically pleasing it is to the eye, also how it makes you think. Like a cliff hanger to a good book.


  • This map of fruit scattered throughout LACMA (the LA County Museum of Art) has got to be one of my favorite maps:

    It is like a treasure map. A delicious treasure map.

  • As an urban planner i love maps, one of my favourite is this one. Simple and chic. The difficulty of making a good map is to be able to abstract and then bring the best out.

  • My two favorite maps were done by a friend and fellow illustrator, Hyesu Lee.

    First is a map of Manhattan… the faces are of friends and people she sees around town:

    The second is a map based on her experiences in London:

    Both are super fun to look at and absolutely beautiful.

  • I have this map hanging above my bed– I love the size of it, and the price is definitely right for a college student like me!

  • i love that lena’s map are available all in one place.

    this is my favorite map today. i wish i’d had this room when i was a kids.

  • I also love maps, and have many at home and bookmarked on my computer. Here’s a favorite that depicts not a place, but more of a journey–the idealized course of the “True Love River”.

  • I would love this book!
    I work as a map-maker for a social services organisation, mapping social trends like ageing and poverty.

    I have so many favourite maps, but the one I have been most recently impressed by are these maps by Nancy McGabe:

    She creates maps by geocoding place ames, and then letterpressing and watercolouring them. Beautiful! She sells her prints on etsy but they keep selling out.

  • I’ve been cutting your maps out of that magazine for years, collecting them & thinking I’ll get around to matting & displaying them on my wall! Now I’m inspired to proceed! Another map artist I love is

  • My grandfather sparked my love of maps, he had such great old globes and a hurricane tracking map that I used to love playing with. He even helped me make a salt & flour map of florida for a 3rd grade geography project.
    Now that I have wee ones to pass on my cartographic love to, I think that the map quilt by abby at hi + low

    and the almost an animal map by katie viggers

    are two of my favorites at the moment.

    Thanks for the give away and great work on a beautiful book!

  • i’ve had my eye on this map for a project with overlays
    ( )

    but i’ve always been drawn to maps, which is why i have a huge world map hanging above my bed. I love the concept of this book!!

  • My favourite map is from the Literary Gift Co., and can be found here :

    It features all the best British literature in geographical format – love!

  • I know a couple of people have posted about it, but this (currently sold out) colorway over at These Are Things is on the top of my to-buy list.

  • I love seeing this love for maps are bring all of us together! I’ve been mildly obsessed with maps, in all forms, since the age of eight. I think there is something magical, for all ages, about this one.

    And Lena, your maps are simply adorable.

  • I love seeing this love for maps are bring all of us together! I’ve been mildly obsessed with maps, in all forms, since the age of eight. I think there is something magical, for all ages, about this one.

    And Lena, your maps are simply adorable.

  • I love these hand drawn maps. They’re very sweet and whimsical. I’m hoping to be able to use them for my wedding in a few months! :)

  • What a great collection! My favorite map is this one I drew for my husband a long, long time ago.

    We began dating long distance and spent the first summer driving between Oxford, MS and Mobile, AL. He loves maps, so I traced this for him. (Of course, the letter itself is pretty cheesy.)

  • The map of make believe!

    Here is a picture of it… I have a couple of friends who have one hanging in their living rooms and I’ve always wanted one!

  • This is so great! My favorite map is the tear-out map of Paris in my 1910 copy of “Baedeker’s Paris and Its Environs” book. It has marks on it from previous owners’ travels. Here’s a link to what another map in the book looks like:

  • To be honest, my favorite maps are works of English Illustrator Pauline Baynes. I love her color schemes, lettering and decorative elements. On of the best examples is her map of Middle Earth.


  • First of all, congrats on your book! It looks so precious and clever. I could probably find a way to fill this box with links of map themed things that I adore. However I stumbled upon this amazing blog not too long ago and it hosts some pretty amazing ones. I may not be from San Francisco, but my heart definitely is.. here are a few of my favorites from Strange Maps..

    and this one is my absolute favorite..

  • this might be lame, but my favorite map right now is my big, colorful world map shower curtain!! it keeps me learning a little bit every time i spend time in the bathroom, perfect!

  • This book looks so wonderful. As many people do, I have a soft spot for old wooden dowell maps that remind me of elementary school when all of us would want to win the task of rolling and unrolling the maps for our teacher. This one of North America has particularly nice colors:

  • love the book!
    my favorite maps are iconographic maps, like Lena’s – not only are they so helpful to read but also beautiful! my son’s favorite map is his IKEA carpet map :)!:

  • wow there’s even a Belgian map in her book! I love!!!!
    It wasn’t easy to find my favorite map on a photo, ’cause it’s a map in the local museum of Ghent (my city). There’s a room of glass and the walls + floor are a map of the city. So you WALK on Ghent, it’s superb!!!! You should see it irl!

  • In another life, I think I was a cartographer. I *love* maps – big, small, colorful, exotic, or inaccurate…they all get my attention.

    A favorite: a hand-drawn map of Afghanistan’s rural areas.

  • melbourne! yeah baby!
    i live in melbourne now – met, married & mated with an aussie and now have two mini me’s :)
    i was born in south africa though, and grew up in the beautiful suburb of camps bay, cape town
    here are a few vintage style maps of camps bay (), cape town ()& a great 3D one of my beloved table mountain on top of table mountain () – the only mountain range to have a constellation named after it, mons mensae
    thank you for a great giveaway, fingers crossed! x candice x

  • This is one of my favorite maps- ;;.aspx;.html – more so because I made it. I am a GIS Analyst who uses ESRI products to make transportation and planning maps daily.

  • My favorite map is one that I drew for a project in a class about traveling. We had to think of the world through the perspective of a non-human object, so I chose my dog. His world had our house and neighborhood well defined, but then there were “clouds” of the other places we drive him to frequently – the dog park, my grandparents, and (gulp) the vet. It was a very fun project, and an interesting way to think about how experiences shape how we view the world.

  • Oh Lena’s maps are adorable! There are so many maps out there that are fantastic, but I am always in love with

    Ever since having a baby, this is the best way to go “traveling”

  • I used to live in Boston, and loved living there. I have so many memories of walking the streets of Boston when I was just out of undergrad, living on my own for the first time. I was proud of how well I knew the streets in a city with such a confusing layout (or lack thereof!). My fiance and I now live a long ways away, but he has applied to grad school in Boston, and we are anxiously awaiting the answer. There isn’t much I would love more than to move back to my city with him, and have the chance to show it to him. So I picked this map, which highlights the unpredictable streets of Boston in a gorgeous way.

  • we are a family of map-lovers! our 6 and 8 year old boys get giddy over each new map insert from their nat geo subscription.
    some of our favorite maps, though, are those from fictional worlds: narnia, middle earth…

  • Maps!

    I love Ork posters “maps”. I bought one of the brooklyn posters for my sister and her husband that lived there for a year.

  • wow you have a lot of maps to look at. I have had this bookmarked for ever now and I stare at it a lot. One day I just need to bite the bullet and get it. I think I saw it once on this site. I love it:

  • I’m all about the maps! My boyfriend and I have a huge street map of Toronto from 1967 hanging in our living room.

    These are pretty darn cool too:

  • omg. love maps. I helped design a Maps exhibit at The Field Museum, Chicago a few years ago. LOVED that exhibit. So many gorgeous maps (old and new).

    recently, been inspired by the bold simplicity of the maps by These Are Things.

    GREAT giveaway!!

  • I love all maps, but my favorite would have to be the large map of rome by Rizzoli. Oddly, this was the only link that I could find of it. I love the size as much as the content!

  • Toronto is my fave. I’m from Toronto and I haven’t seen a map this cute. I think it would make a great poster.

  • I’m a geography major, and my sister gave me “You Are Here” for Christmas. This is one of my favorites from the book:

  • WONDERFUL BOOK!!! I’ve always been a little obsessed with maps.

    My favorites would be this one I purchased of Oceania from a German book published in 1895 (I love the huge expanse of blue ocean!) or the giant classroom pulldown map of the US from 1950 (paper on canvas) that is in my daughter’s room.

  • I love maps!! I keep all of my maps from my travels and display them in my photo albums and scrapbooks :) My favorite map is this world map that I just made last week. I covered two canvases in burlap and drew the continents on 3 different fabrics. I outlined each continent in tiny gold nails. It’s hanging over my couch in my living room!

  • Artist Tim Hawkinson made a self portrait topographic body map by laying in an ink-filled bathtub and taking photographs as he drained the tub. He translated the photographs into a drawing and I can’t for the life of me find an image of it online :(

    I also like the idea of using mapping technology to make art like GPS drawings
    (i’m not sold on these particular images, but I think the idea has a lot of potential)

  • I’m a fan of the city maps from These Are Things:

    I also find beauty in subway maps, like the Tube in London or the Japanese Rail map for Tokyo

  • I love when maps can serve a secondary purpose such as these map plates.
    You can eat in other cities without leaving your home.

  • love love love maps. and i love love love your maps. I used to go to my school library and ask for old maps that they just throw out.

    have you seen this one though?

  • wow 462 posts and counting….this was a great idea! May I suggest more give-aways where people leave their inspirations?!?!

  • i think these reorganized city maps (villes rangées) by armelle caron are super interesting. it’s cool to see the rhythm of the city blocks arranged in a linear way.

  • I’ve always loved old pull-down school maps like this:

    (in fact, I just bought one to hang in my living room!)

  • Sorry i don’t have a picture or link. But my favourite maps have to be my grandads maps which have all the pubs marked with P’s with a little review of each one.

  • there’s a map on the wall at the Maryland Historical Society of Baltimore circa 1870. It has my house on it!!

  • I got into maps after discovering … and then it opened up a whole new world!

    I’m a writer without much of a talent for design. I love design, I appreciate design, but boy am I terrible at it. Thanks so much, D*S, for giving the rest of us Clueless Admirers a great place to find inspiration. Loved the preview of Lena’s book!

  • What a great idea for a book! Live in Portland, OR and frequent Seattle, WA as well. Both made the book and looking forward to reading it.
    I am coveting a world map for my son’s room. Love the vintage look and it reminds me of my elementary school days. Best of luck to you for continued success!

  • This is a fantastic book I would love to own. My favorite “map” of late is actually a depiction of Lake Superior found at Crafterall’s Etsy shop:

  • Love love love Lena’s book and all things maps – especially textiles! I love finding vintage map-scarves, aprons etc on Etsy like this little beauty, a pretty little map of Frankfurt! I would treasure Lena’s book… I also love her Fort Greene Map, I live just under the chair she placed on Clinton Avenue:

    Frankfurt map/scarf:

  • I received this linen towel map of where I grew up as a wedding gift (30 years ago this May23rd!). My husband made the frame to preserve it’s beauty!

    Here it is!

  • i’m confused about monday, april 3… today is the 4th! i hope the contest is still open!
    anyways, here be my entry:

    from the book principles of uncertainty. glorious.

  • I find subway maps so intimidating. This one of Seoul makes me queasy. ;)

    I have to admit I ordered two copies of MAPS already. I could do with more!

  • the cu chi tunnel map in vietnam was one of the coolest maps i’ve seen. the colors & details of the map showed the intricacy of these underground tunnels.

  • thanks for the giveaway. i’ve been obsessed with maps for as long as i can remember myself! here’s a great resource of all kinds of unconventional maps:

    my personal favourite is

    hope i win!

  • Aww man! I can’t believe I missed such an amazing giveaway! Although I am having fun checking out all of these links. I adore maps.

    I recently ran across these beautiful maps:

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