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giveaway: on a stick!

by Kristina Gill

We enjoyed reading about your favorite food memories with Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Everyday giveaway so much that we thought we’d give you another chance to share a food experience with us. This week, we have five copies of On a Stick!, my new favorite entertaining book from which we shared recipes for corn dogs and mojito melons earlier today. The book has a great balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes, sweet and savory dishes, classics and new recipes, complete with sauce recipes. Matt gets you thinking outside the box on what “on a stick” really means.

It should be no surprise that Matt visited a few fairs for inspiration and drew on his extensive travel experience, during which he has encountered quite a bit of street food. So we’d like to ask you what your favorite fair food or street food is. Tell us all about the experience in the comment section below, and next Friday, Matt will choose the five best entries to win a copy of his book! —

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  • Definitely grilled corn! The kernels charred to perfection, the butter dripping all over your fingers. It’s the perfect addition to a summer stroll through a city street fair!

  • I love getting street hotdogs late late late at night! Especially after a long night dancing downtown, I love to pretend to be a “big shot” and treat all my girlfriends to a hot dog snack. Even though they’re about as cheap as you can get! What can I say?

  • Corn dogs are BY FAR the best fair food!!! The sweet cornmeal with a meaty suprise inside is just the best!! I think the funnest part though, is biting the last little bits of overcooked cornmeal from the stick. Ah, to be a child again :)

  • In Rochester we have quite a few arts festivals scattered around the city during the summer. I always love walking around and eating fried dough, but being from the city known for the garbage plate I must say that is my favorite by far. If you haven’t had a garbage plate, let me know.
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  • I’m a total sucker for funnel cakes. Especially with lots and lots of powdered sugar, which will inevitably get all over my fingers, and I’ll have to lick it off. :)

  • When we were in mexico I was addicted to corn on the cob served on a stick smothered in mayo and chili. It was amazing. I still dream about the grease running down to my elbow and picking corn from my teeth for hours…

  • I LOVE corndogs because I have a weakness for anything related to corn. We have a cart here in Portland that I always crave that has fried pies. Last time I went they had a Mounds pie with coconut cream, chocolate chunks, and shredded coconut in a buttery flaky crust. Yum!

  • Easy. New Delhi. Samosas crushed up by hand and swamped in chole and topped with raita. Close second is Pani Poori- perfect mix of spicy, sweet, crunchy, cool.

  • My favorite fair food is Elephant Ears! They’re big pieces of dough that have been fried and folded in half to resemeble, you guessed it- elephant ears. Then they sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar! Not great for your diet, but they are out of this world good! Eat at your own risk!

  • I live near the PA Farm Show, so we go every year, and the most amazing thing to eat is cubes of freshly-made mozarella cheese from local milk, skewered 4-at-a-time (on a stick! What a coincidence!), battered, and deep-fried. It’s almost impossible to resist long enough to let the molten-lava centers cool enough to not give your tounge 3rd-degree burns, but of course you still want everything to be runny and warm and gooey, so you don’t want to wait too long! Although the last few bites, which by then are mostly cool and no longer runny, are deliciously satisfying in their own way. And the long line to get this delicious delight is actually good news, because it means that turnover is high, so you are assured your cheese will be fresh-from-the-fryer perfect. It’s a bright spot in my January every year!

  • I would have to say… L.A. Dogs! It is true that they don’t taste the same before 2 AM, but there is something about that flavor and savory goodness that you simply cannot (or should not :P) create at home. A sizzling bacon-wrapped hot dog, peppers & onions all placed into a soft bun and topped with ketchup, mustard & mayo….drooooling.

  • My favorite street food is at a taco shack. It is mexican corn. Me and my husband get it from the man we like to call “corn man.” He stands next to the taco shack with a small metal cart filled with all the glorious ingredients. My husband tells me the only man I would ever leave him for is “corn man.” I am obsessed with this corn!!
    First he cuts corn fresh from the piping hot cobb. Then he adds about 1/2 a cup of butter and stirs it up. Then pours it into a styrofoam cup, then adds cheese. Then adds another 1/2 cup of butter, then adds corn, then adds cheese. Then I say, EXTRA CHILE, then he looks at me like I’m a crazy white girl who doesn’t know what she’s saying. Then he adds extra chile and hands it over for $2.50!
    It’s a love affair. But luckily, my husband supports me in my affair with the corn man’s delicious crop.

  • Having just visited Thailand in January, I would have to say almost ANYthing from that country – we ate every kind of street food we came across, and it was all delicious. But my favourites were definitely the fried quails eggs with shredded lettuce, vinegar and white pepper, in Bangkok.

    Close runner-up: Grilled pineapple sprinkled with paprika, in Durban, South Africa.

    Sigh. Our cities need more street food!

  • Yum! My all-time favorite street food are Elotes in Mexico. An amazing grilled corn-on-the-cob, topped with queso fresco, lemon juice, and chili powder.

  • My favorite fair food by far is fried candy bars. Every year I always try a new one, but I think Milky Way is the best. It is so messy and unhealthy, but I love it. I will gladly walk around with powdered sugar on my face for a taste of a deep fried Milky Way.

  • Frozen bananas, dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut or nuts – delicious summer treat! They used to sell them at the snack bar at the beach when I was in high school, and they are the best! I have tried to replicate them at home, but it’s tough to copy the taste + being 17 + skipping the last class of the day to hit the beach early…though I usually wanted to eat a frozen banana more than I wanted to lie in the sun. I burn.

  • After living in New Mexico I became addicted to Elote (Mexican steet corn) and fry bread with powdered sugar. Yum!

  • I’m not sure if this counts, but once I visited a floating market in Thailand and we ate chicken noodle soup for breakfast. It was amazing. So I don’t know if that’s “street food” or “river food” really?

  • I have to admit that I like most fair food, but my absolute favorite from childhood are Elephant Ears. ( Are they even called that anymore?) But so flaky and with the perfect toppings (powdered sugar, cinnamon, a hint of lemon) they were something I always looked forward to! I’ve always thought that crepes are the grown-up version of them – which I also love with some nutella and strawberries!

  • I definitely think my favorite street food is Marination Mobile in Seattle. It’s a fusion of hawaiian/korean/mexican foods and it’s absolutely amazing. The first time I had it, we had to find out where they were that day, and I was starving because I had slept late and hadn’t eaten breakfast. I’m so glad I waited for MM – I think my intense hunger just enhanced the burst of flavors. The spicy pork taco changed my life, and for just $1.50 – WOW!

  • Oh, this one fun! My favorite, indulgent greasy fair food: curly fries! You know, the extra long ones that are crisp on the ends and soft in the center? Add a little seasoning salt and it’s well worth the indigestion later! Second place winner is fried dill pickles. They tend to be regional, but are fabulous none the less.

  • Every year at the Minnesota State Fair, we make a beeline to the Big Fat Bacon booth to get a thick-cut, maple syrup-glazed piece of bacon that is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

    And it’s on a stick, naturally.

  • The few times I’ve gone to Switzerland I’ve enjoyed the special treat that is veal bratwurst. Those white sausages with mustard on a roll are melt in your mouth good that I can’t seem to duplicate here in the states, no matter what brands of veal bratwurst I try. There is a magical mix of exotic location, beautiful surroundings and hot bratwurst that can’t be copied.

  • This will sound totally weird, but the BEST street food I’ve ever had was at the annual Yarmouth Clam Festival in Maine a few years ago… you’re probably thinking that I enjoyed some delish fried clams (which I did) but my favorite/most memorable treat was an Avocado pop!! Bright green, slightly sugared, honest-to-goodness frozen avocado and it was SO good. I’ve been wanting to re-create it for a while! Talk about rich and creamy (and oh yeah, good for you too!)

    Matt, I think your book looks like a real winner, and with entertaining season right around the corner, I could sure use some of your inspiration to find the perfect compliment to my own version of the Avocado pop!

    Geneva with MyAmericanHouse

  • When I was 13 my mom moved us to Michigan, from Kansas City. In July they have a Venetian Festival where we lived. It’s right on the water and it’s beautiful. My first year there, I tried something called an “Elephant Ear.” It’s a HUGE piece of fried dough, lighter than a funnel cake, and it’s covered in cinnamon and sugar, or powdered sugar. It’s the only place I’ve ever seen them and now back in the Kansas City, I look forward to that tent when we visit every year.

  • hands down my favorite street food so far is the falafel pita from Taim mobile in nyc! i’m sure i’d love a corn dog truck, too. these look delicious.

  • Fried Oreos! They were a total novelty to us right after we moved to North Carolina and went to the State Fair. Thank goodness the fair only happens once a year, because those babies are amazingly delicious but probably not the healthiest. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Funnily enough, I actually stand by the street food mantra of “if it’s on a stick, it’s good.” Perhaps my favorite stick based street food to date was the whole variety of brochettes at the djemaa el-fna square in Marrakesh… Simple and delicious. The most interesting and unusual (for me) was camel (yes, camel. like with the humps).

  • Grilled corn on the cob is a yummy treat at the fair. Smothered in butter or lime and chile pepper, its hard to decide which. Also, kettle corn! I’m corn crazy I guess.

  • My favorite food is Steak-on-a-Stick, which is pretty much just a kebab. But, because our county fair is an agricultural fair, the meat always ends up tasting a little bit like how the cattle barns smell. My other favorite fair foods are monkey bread and frozen chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. Yum!

  • My first food truck experience was by far my best. During my senior year of high school, I spent two weeeks in Germany on an exchange trip. And, of course, got to experience the wild and interesting world of underage discotekas. While waiting in line for admittance, my German host pulled me into a food truck line, which I associated with “roach coach.” As a vegetarian, there was little in Germany that catered to my diet so finding a veggie burger at a food truck was like striking gold. It was crisp, full of colorful veggies, and steaming on a cold December night. To this day, I believe it was the best veggie patty I have tasted!

  • My favourite fair food has always been the fresh hot mini cinnamon donuts! Nothing beats deep fried dough covered in sugar and cinnamon!!! It just warms you from the inside!

  • My favourite fair food of all time has to be candy apples! They’re just so delicious and not to mention eye catching. It doesn’t matter that you’re lips and hands end up sticking together afterwards. Completely worth it for the ‘it has an apple in it so it can’t be that bad’ treat.

  • All time favorite street food has to be the käsekrainers with spicy mustard from the Würstlkönigin van by the river in Salzburg. Austrian sausages with cheese inside= best thing ever! We used to get them all the time when I spent a semester studying there. They are legen– wait for it– DARY! :D

  • Mine will probably be the least fancy, but every day after school in Florence, Italy I would go to the vendor outside in the square and buy a mozzarella e pomodoro which is just a mozzarella and tomato panini with a little olive oil. Simple and delicious.

  • FUNNEL CAKES – I have to have a funnel cake whenever we go to any kind of festivle – nothing like them hot with powder sugar all over your hands and face. YUM!!!!

  • A twist to the corndog, sausage dogs with pancake outsides. I spent 5 summers as a camp counselor and we had these every friday in the breakfast line. Thinking about them still makes my mouth water.

  • When I was eight I lived in Thailand for a year with my family while my father taught ESL at a Thai university. I have memories of many great meals eaten at the local night market, but one food item in particular I’ve never forgotten. I became a little obsessed with a the Thai coconut pudding called kanom krok, small two-bite packages of yummy coconut goodness. In most situations I was a very shy child, but when it came to getting kanom krok, I happily made the purchase myself. Eventually I overindulged and my obsession cooled. However, for many years after, when asked what my favorite food was, I would answer kanom krok.

  • I just saw this on his blog, looks like an awesome book!

    I love the grilled corn on the cobs, elotes. Is there funnel cake on a stick in the book? That’s my childhood favorite :)

  • Hailing from the artichoke capital of the world, Castroville, CA, my favorite street food is deep fried artichoke hearts! I’ve volunteered at the local County Fair every September for most of my life and that has always been the first food on the “must-have” list as soon as the fair gates open. The local adult marching band club handmade and sold these delicacies and theirs were always the best. They were light and crunchy, with just enough batter and a few pinches of coarse salt. So delicious. The booth was unfortunately destroyed due to a grease fire a few years ago and has not come back to the fair since.

  • My husband’s all-time favorite fair food is the infamous deep fried cheeseburger on a stick. I, on the other hand, opt for the banana pudding bites.

  • “on the stick” fun for me is the classic chocolate dipped frozen banana! Nothing says summer fun like getting a banana on a stick & riding the ferris wheel!

  • I’m from the south, and we fry everything, especially at street fairs carnivals etc….but my favorite fair food is deep fried oreos…holy mackerel those things are crazy good. My hubby and I bought a Fry Daddy just so that week can make them at home!

  • corn on the cob at the fair or sold on any street is magical! i’ve seen stands with tons of flavors to sprinkle on your corn (that sounds weird)…but i prefer mine to be buttered and salted. healthy. i always die for soft pretzels with mustard, cheese, or cream cheese. delicious!!!

  • hard to narrow down, but if i’m ever in NY City I can’t leave without a pretzel from the Central Park vendors, and a few, yup a few, bags of the roasted caramelized almonds! I wanna jump on a plane right to NY right now just for that!

  • three words…Iowa State Fair…you should be selling this book there because there are so many items on a stick you won’t believe it!

  • I love elephant ears, I have absolutely no will power when it comes to sugared deep fried breads! This also explains why my 2nd favorite is a tie between aebelskivers and funnel cake. Yum!

  • Each Friday at Fort Mason in San Francisco, we have a food truck party. About 20 trucks arrive forming a large circle where in the middle, there is live music and a local beer brewing company is represented. It’s the best! I usually try to visit 3 trucks per friday! Happy Friday!

  • Cake pops! They seem to be very popular right now and I can totally see why – they are cute and tasy! I also love getting fresh popped kettle corn from the farmer’s market – the combination of sweet and salty is divine!

  • Elisa B – so glad I saw your comment – was just getting ready to google “käsekrainers” for the spelling, because that is my all time favorite street food memory too! Cheese filled Austrian sausages served with a hard roll and spicy mustard …. ahhh, I still occasionally dream about them. I’ve tried to replicate it with offerings from my local grocery but it’s just not the same. Had them in 1999 while visiting my best friend who was on a year long exchange in Salzburg!

  • There is nothing as refreshing (or as reminiscent of childhood) as a Sno Cone!! I love them but will only partake when we’re at a carnival because somehow I don’t look silly with blue lips while walking around at the carnival!

  • It’s always so hot by the time our fair rolls around (mid August), that it’s hard to eat anything but quickly melting ice cream or over-sweetened lemonade. The lemonade especially tastes like the fair to me :-)

  • I can’t believe no one has said Nachos! Those slightly over-salted, circle, almost stale but still crunchy chips – with the cheese sauce that I’m fairly sure every nacho vendor buys at Costco. And there’s always a few chips that are just soaked in cheese… I will be uncivilized to get a hold of a paper boat full of nachos.

  • Grilled corn with lawry’s spice and parmesan cheese over melted butter at the Ventura County Fair . . . followed by Indian fried bread at the booth next door . . . followed by the fireworks show at the end of the night. Is perfect.

  • In Minneapolis, we have a food truck that makes the best ever, in the whole wide world of food pulled pork tacos. I literally dream about it.

  • funnel cakes all the way. i still remember the 1st time i ever had one at a memorial day fair, and what a revelation that was! i was about 10 or so, and my family isn’t big into junk food, but the smell of the booth was too alluring (and my parents probably wanted the kids w/ their mouths full waiting in line for the ferris wheel rather than yammering about). even now, although i love them, i eat them sparingly so i can treasure the memory more preciously.

  • As a culinary student, my favorite part of traveling is the local street food. While studying Spanish in Puebla, Mexico, I came across Maiz Asado. Walking past a just a man and his grill on the street, the delicious call of grilled corn could not be missed. I was handed something beyond a treat. It was a tiny gift of perfection–sweet, fresh white corn with cilantro, mayonesa, squeeze of lime, and melting queso fresco. It had just a hint of chile powder, enough to make my throat tingle for some water or even better an orchata. Orchata is another one of my loves from Mexico. Rice and almonds are soaked in water or milk overnight with cinnamon. Then, the whole mixture is ground into a pulp and strained. Milk and a pinch more cinnamon are added and served cold. Orchata was always the perfect companion to my maiz asado.

  • I love love love caramel apples when I go to the fair. And elephant ears! Reminds me of being a kid.

  • One of my all-time favorite memories was visiting Mexico as a child and buying elotes from a street vendor. I’d sit on the curb and slowly relish the sweet juiciness of the corn kernels, the creaminess of the mayonnaise and the kick of chili powder. Now, whenever I find them sold in the states the smell and taste immediately send me back to those carefree days as child in a country filled with rich history and a beautiful culture.

  • Omg. Giant Turkey Leg. Definitely. And, I’m not a big meat eater in general, but when it’s time for the Giant Turkey Leg, I can really get down! :)

  • I was one of those unfortunate souls manning the food booths at summer fairs and festivals. I not-so-fondly remember 12 hour work days full of grilling handmade sausages, hand-cranking innumerable potatoes for curly fries, and going home with the distinct aroma of stale grease leaking through every pore of my body. Oh it was so lovely. But my favorite, that which brings back all sorts of memories growing up, was always the elephant ear. I’ve been told that no one outside of the northwest knows what this is so let me explain: ordinary bread dough, tossed and thinned to a round disk, then deep-fried quickly on both sides, followed by a butter bath and a heaving sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar. Elephant ears, when made correctly, are crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle, and are spilling over the sides of the paper plate because they were stretched so thin. Ohhh these are good. And I still eat them even after an entire summer of elephant-ear-making. A must try, for sure.

  • After living in central Mexico, I fell in love with fresh fruit covered in chile powder. The sweet-savory combo was addicting! I often found myself walking home from the centro with a stick of red-dusted cubed mango in my hand. Yum!

  • Hands down, it would have to be deep fried Oreos. There’s something about the deep fryer that transforms the cookie DNA into something magical… it’s what I imagine unicorns would taste like… bite sized happiness…mmmm….

  • my grandfather was so obsessed with county/state fairs that my grandparents spent their summers going to every one within reasonable driving distance from their home in rural maine and more often than not, my family would go with him. so I developed an early and lifelong love for agricultural tents, midway rides, skeeball, carnies, and above all, fair food. my favorite was always cotton candy. sugar, spun like a cloud, that melts into crystals on your tongue seemed to me the most magical, delicious sign that summer was here and I could spend months on ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds and tilt-a-whirls. to this day, cotton candy makes me feel like I’m five and I have nothing to look forward to but fun. (well, and that eventual sugar crash, but let’s not think about that).

  • I have to say one of my very favorite street foods are the hamburguesas (hamburgers) you can buy from the little carts in Mexico. They are so much better than Amercian burgers! Maybe it is the mayonaise that is slightly different from ours..but that with a fresh horchata (a rice drink you sip from a plastic bag) and I am set!

  • I love love love the ice cream that you can get in Israel where you can mix in a bunch of different toppings and it comes out swirled. I wish I knew what it was called – but since I dont I will just continue to profess my love for it

  • In the winter, my kids and I love going on the canal and skate in -20 weather because there is always a beaver tail at the end. Think deep-fried pastry in the shape of a beaver tail, turned in sugar/cinnamon mixture, and sprinkled with lemon juice. We’ll worth the cold toes. And yes, they are served year round, but it is just not the same.

  • Two words: kimchee quesadillas. The Koji truck in Los Angeles serves up these spicy, messy, delicious Korean/Mexican hybrids for just $5 a pop. I’m addicted! I love these quesadillas so much, my friend brought an order of them to my hospital bed when I had a (non-gastro related) procedure last fall. If you haven’t tried Kogi’s quesadillas, I suggest you run, not walk, to the kogi truck — just be sure to bring your bib!

  • The most delicious thing I’ve had from a street cart/stand was in Taipei’s Shilin Night Market. This particular stand just had all sorts of offal on sticks that would be grilled over an open flame. Liver, heart, cartilage, tripe. An amazing late night snack.

  • My favorite fair food is funnel cake! I used to volunteer at our church booth at the town fair. I would always request to be on funnel cake duty.

  • The yummiest, most satisfying treat was a freshly made flour tortilla filled with just roasted and peeled green chile AND hot, hot, salty, crunchy chicharrones (pork cracklings), you could find a few years ago at the New Mexico State Fair. I am swooning now just thinking about it.

  • Nothing will ever compare to the “pancakes” we enjoyed from a street vendor near the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand. My first experience with something called Nutella! Why can’t we get those in the U.S. for 25 cents each at all hours of the night? :)

  • Hands down – Fried Dough! Just thinking about it is making me wish it was county fair time here in CT!

  • My favorite fair/street food is and forever shall be doughboys. They have funnel cakes where I live now, which is not the same thing, and it makes me miss doughboys. They are THE BEST.

  • I have to say, the most memorable thing that comes to mind is this hot dog I had at a local fair last summer… it’s a small, community run affair, and they had these hot dogs with fried onions and peppers on them. Sounds pretty unremarkable, but there was just something about this huge portable griddle full of crazy delicious smelling oniony goodness, heaped on a hot dog! Delicious :)

  • I have a deep love of street food. I grew up in Western NY where the county fair was often the highlight of my summer (I’ll admit it, I was a 4-H-er. Pigs and the fair). So salt potatoes and corn on the cob were highly anticipated dinners. Then I spent a good part of my 20s in NYC. Falafel and street meat (dirty water dogs if you will) became late night drunken staples. So now living in Oakland, CA I embrace and enthusiastically support food carts. Currently my favorite is Liba Falafel (dinner tonight!).

  • I LOVE COTTON CANDY! Seriously, I even have lotion and body spray from Victoria’s Secret that smells like cotton candy. Summer in Utah is the best, there are festivals and rodeos and town days all over the place! Anytime I’m at a street fair, I have to get cotton candy. :D

  • My favorite street food, hands down, is a Philly pretzel! For a carboholic there is nothing finer than a pretzel with mustard. Yum.

  • Perepichkas! Like the most awesome version of a corn dog ever that can only be found in Kyiv. We ate way too many and felt sick afterward but it was worth it. Outside of Kyiv, I can’t pass up a funnel cake (Knott’s Berry Farm, anyone?).

  • Favorite fair food…anything fried! Just kidding, kind of.

    Funnel cakes, roasted corn, navajo bread, and as much as it pains me to admit it…that fried potato brick. So bad but sooooo gooooood!

  • I think our whole town knows how much I like corn dogs (it’s a really small town but still). I get excited every fall because they make the best at our local fair here in southern Indiana and affectionally call them pronto pups. Confession: my mom has purchased extra and frozen them for me on more than one occasion when I’ve been living outside of driving range. I’m thinking this book was written for me and I didn’t even realize there was a void… we obviously have no street food here in our neck of the woods, and it’s cruel to have to wait all year for a pronto pup or anything on a stick. I’ll totally embrace this genre of food and bring it to my people! (fist in the air)
    Fun post and thanks for the recipes!!

  • Normally I would say doener kabob or gyros, but these corn dogs are reminding of the original Hot Dog on a Stick stand in Santa Monica, where my parents would buy me a hot dog on a stick as a treat when we went to the beach. And now I’m smiling…

  • Definitely mango sticky rice from a street vendor in Thailand. They pack these plasic containers with a mountain of warm white sticky rice (they’re especially generous if you’re really friendly), douse it in warm coconut milk and fresh slices of mango… mmmmm… So delcious!!

  • Pretty tough call… but i gotta say Onion Rings. Pogo or a simple ketchup mustard hot dog are pretty close. But the joy of choosing which ring is gonna go first and last, pairing it with mayo, honey, whatever… and of course the joy of sharing it!

  • Give this guy a fried cajun pickle spear any day, and he’ll be a happy camper. The pickles are rolled in blackened seasoning before being lightly breaded and fried. The zesty tang of the pickle cuts the spice of the seasoning perfectly and the breading always makes me want to make entire sandwiches instead of just one tiny spear.

  • The best street food I have eaten has to be at a taco stand outside of Mexico City. People were lining up to get the tacos so I decided that it looked like a good spot and I was not disappointed. Delicious carne tacos. lime, cilantro and avocados, so simple but it was very fresh and salty and sweet. I am drooling now remembering it.

  • The best thing on the planet is smoked turkey legs. These legs are huge and smell so good! It’s a real “community food” as regardless who is with you, you can share it with many. In our family in South Texas it’s a real crowd pleaser.

  • My favorite was always “Carne en Palito” which translates into meat on a stick. Cut up pieces of steak seasoned with achiote, cumin, garlic and other spices. The smell of it reminds me of my summers in Las Tablas, Panama where I went every year to spend time with my grandparents. For only 25 cents it was always a really good treat :-)

  • Frozen key lime pie on a stick and dipped in chocolate. Amazing…especially when eaten in Key West at sunset, after a day in the sun. Wish I could go there now!

  • CREPES! I love them. Savory and Sweet, they can’t be beat! Dark Chocolate & Apple or Ham & Brie. Yum. They are just asking to be taken for a nice stroll down a lane. (I don’t think they’d work too well on a stick though.)

  • This fall I visited New England for the first time ever. Luckily, I timed my visit to coincide with the Vermont State Fair.

    I’ve always loved carnival food, but this surpassed anything I’d had before — absolutely EVERYTHING was available made with local maple syrup! I now firmly believe that you haven’t lived until you’ve had a maple funnel cake (or “fried dough”) topped off with a maple milk shake :)

  • Two words: Funnel Cake. Hands down the best fair food ever. The hot, fluffy dough and sweet, messy powdered sugar combine to create sugary euphoria. CANNOT wait for summer fairs!

  • Chicken-on-a-stick with fried pickles stuck in between the chicken pieces. Served at local festivals here out of a cart, as well as a few gas stations.

  • my favorite street vendor food would be fruit cups from our local farmers market. i live in yakima, wa where the produce is beautiful and delicious and we have a thriving latino influence. at our weekly farmers market there are fruit cups with all kinds of fruit spears in them. delicious on a hot day, and it gets hot here! i like mine without the papaya, which i learned the hard way.

  • I had never been to a state fair before living in North Carolina for two years; the NC State Fair was a deliciously overwhelming extravaganza. Second only to the bunny barn (!!!) full of prize-winning rabbits big and small, my favorite part of the fair was the fried pickles. The deep-fried batter coating provided a perfect contrast to the cool, sour pickle spear inside – absolutely delicious!

  • Definitely grilled corn on a stick, preferably bought from a vendor walking by on a sandy beach somewhere in Thailand or Mexico, while I’m lounging on a chair and reading and looking at the beautiful ocean. There’s nothing better.

  • After writing my undergraduate thesis on county fairs and American memory, I did a whoooole lot of looking at fair foods. I think when it comes down to it I love the simple fried dough/elephant ear/funnel cake with powdered sugar. How can something that really costs less than 30 cents to make taste so so good?

  • I ate the best street food in Istanbul; the donair, rice and beans and baklava were all unbelievable, but my favorite snack was a simple cucumber. The vendors would peel the cucumber, slice lengthwise and sprinkle with salt. It was simple, refreshing and cheap!

  • Fresh pineapple on a stick on Jeju Island in South Korea. We had been biking most of the day and this was a welcome (and refreshing!) snack.

  • A year ago I would have answered “corn dog” or “funnel cake” or “big honkin’ turkey leg.” But that was before. Before I discovered what is destined to be the demise of my skinny jeans. Waffels and Dinges. It’s a food truck in NYC that makes me salivate like a hound dog in the hot sun. These waffles are perfect. And the Spekuloos? It’s a sauce that’s like liquid graham crackers. I think you know how that experience turned out.

  • my favorite fair food is bbq’d pork from the Vietnamese festivals.. soo good with the crunchy/caramelization and the dripping marinade. And.. of course.. it’s on a stick!

  • I grew up spending EVERY single summer at my county and state fair. Being from California means that we have great, eclectic fair food. And to be honest, it would be hard to pick just one, in fact, I’ve gotta give you my top two at least. Definitely, Noel’s Tacos was a favorite for those hot summer days. Their chicken tacos rocked my world, I could literally eat 10 in one sitting. But also everyday after feeding my animals, I would eat a cinnamon roll, topped with cream cheese frosting and pecans (I’m drooling right now thinking about it). I may have gained 10 lbs on my little body for two weeks out of the summer, but damn, it was worth it!

  • I live in Austin where trailer eateries are very popular. My absolute favorite one is the Mighty Cone.

    The first time I tried their food was at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. I chose the shrimp and avocado cone…it’s fried shrimp, fried avocado with a delicious sauce in wrap. Does it get any better than that?

  • I am from Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico and my favorite street food is Tacos sudados, aguas gaseosas y elote en vaso with limon and chile!

  • Fletcher’s corny dogs at the Texas State Fair! They are the best corn dogs you will ever eat. On busy days you have to wait in line for as long as an hour to get one but they are so worth it.

  • Malasadas! I was introduced to these fried amazing bits of love in Hawaii. They can be found at school fairs, fundraisers, even weddings. Essentially fried sugared dough, these unique donuts are so scrumptious, love!

  • I grew up in a small town on the MD/DE eastern shore. Every year they close down our Main Street for the Halloween Parade and the fire hall sells oyster fritter sandwiches. Nothing fancy. They smack the fritter between two pieces of wonderbread. I looked forward to those sandwiches every year and still miss them to this day.

  • What can really outstrip New York City? It has a vibrancy in the air that you just can’t find anywhere else- you can literally smell it as you walk down the street. I’ve only had the pleasure of experiencing New York once in my life, back in the spring of 2002, but I will never forget the nut vendors I seemed to see on every corner. Honey roasted peanuts never tasted so good, nor do I think they ever will again. So New York nut vendors, I salute you. You melted my taste buds. You changed my life. I will be returning for more ASAP.

  • Well, we own a cotton-candy machine. So, I’d have to say corn dogs at the MN State Fair. I only allow myself corn dogs from the fair, so I have to wait all year. I get the foot-long. Close seconds: roasted corn and chocolate-covered bacon.

  • Nothing beats fresh fries from Kennywood Amusement Park (location for the movie Adventureland!) near Pittsburgh PA. I was born in Pittsburgh but grew up in NJ….every summer, I would spend a couple weeks visiting my family “back home” A big group of us would go to Kennywood early in the morning and I would eat these fries for all three meals!

  • I am loving all the posts about international street food! Definitely grilled corn and empanadas in latin america, all Thai and Indian, and street food in Laos! Vietnamese donuts, fish and chicken on a stick, buffalo meatballs, pappadum, spring rolls, salad in a bag, even deep friend macaroni and cheese balls!

  • My family is from the South, so I know something about collards and cornbread. But it was an “exotic” masterpiece of culinary delight that forever changed my outlook on food.

    It was a gyro. At the I-X Center in Cleveland, OH. Lamb, tzatiki, pungent onions, grilled bread. Where had it been all my life? It opened my eyes to the possibility that life was not just “meat and three.”

  • Pizza on a stick! Actually, I saw pizza on a stick at Austin’s Rodeo. I was too terrified to try it. My real answer is a boring chicken satay with peanut sauce.

  • I’d love to say something fun and unusual, but I just can’t help but add my vote to the crowd-pleasing corn dog. There’s something so GOOD about their simplicity … and they’re certainly the best reason to go to a baseball game!

  • Growing up, going to the state fair of Texas every year I sampled my fair (no pun intended) share of food on a stick. Most of the bizarre things I tried would qualify as my worst “on a stick” memories, so instead, I’ll stick with the old standby chicken-on-a-stick I’ve gotten countless times from a take-out Chinese joint. The old standby.

  • We lived in Indonesia, so I LOVE satay, chicken or goat. But who could resist fried cheese on a stick!!

  • In Guatemala, the grilled-corn-on-a-stick-men add something special by rubbing fresh lime on top. A little sprinkle of salt after that, and it’s perfect!

  • It’s not exactly street food, but…

    My mom is from Calcutta, and I was born in and grew up in the US. We visit pretty often, and there are little corner shops/shacks everywhere that sell tall, skinny glass bottles of Coke and 7Up and so on, and the only way to recycle these bottles is to just drink the soda there on the street and give the bottle back to the vendor.

    My earliest memories of India involve trying to race my mom to see who would finish first, and since she grew up in Calcutta, she had the most practice and would always win.

    So the frosted glass bottles, fizz, sweet cane sugar and bottle cap snap of Indian soda make it my favorite street food. :)

  • The Maryland Rennaissance Festival has SO many foods on sticks that are wonderful and defy all logic and rules of physics. (Macaroni and cheese on a stick? They have it!)

    But my favorite food on a stick type of food does not come on a stick, nor does it come from the Renn Fest. It’s fried artichoke hearts, and it makes my own heart glad. The Waterford Fair in Waterford, VA has them every year, and I look forward to them all year long. They come with a heavenly creamy dipping sauce, and are worth the year-long wait every time.

  • A lot of people have commented on their love for Mexican street food and I must chime in. I was born in Mexico City–where you can get amazing assortments of papaya, piña, oranges and cucumbers with a generous helping of chile molido–ground chili–from the local vendors at these amazing markets. My personal favorite is the Mango on a Stick, which is often cut into an elaborate flower shape that you may then drench in lime and salt. Ah, so simple but such a comfort to have in the park.

    An amazing assortment that you can make at home would include slices of jicama, avocado, a bunch of radishes and navel orange. Just slice them up on a rustic platter and serve with salt, Mexican limes and some beautiful red chili powder. The way you eat it: Dip your lime into the salt and chili (to taste), make sure to rub them in well, then squeeze on the fruits and veggies.

    Enjoy with a Mexican beer of choice.

    Now I live in Texas, and we are lucky to have amazing food trucks of our own here!

  • What’s not to like about fair food? I have great memories as a little girl standing in line waiting for cotton candy. I loved watching that pink sugar spin into light fluffy goodness and couldn’t wait to taste it! And then having sticky fingers after it was fiished. I also love a good corn dog – I’ve never been a fan of hot dogs but there is something about that crisp yet sweet corn batter than takes a normal hot dog over the edge… yum!

  • Puchka, to be found on any street corner in Bangladesh. These are incredibly light, crisp round grainy spheres, tiny enough to fit a half dozen in your hand, which have their tops split open to be filled with a thick, artfully seasoned paste of daal, potato, and minced onion. You then pour in an incredible sweet, tart, spicy tamarind sauce to taste and devour. I dream of these everyday – they’re beloved by everyone from schoolchildren to grandmothers!

  • When I was in high-school, my now fiance and I went to the fair. I saw some deep-fried cheesecake on a stick that I desperately wanted, but after drooling over it for a minute I walked away.

    It was swinsuit season.

    My boyfriend spent the rest of the day convincing me to break my diet and just enjoy the pleasure of delicious, high-calorie food. After a few hours, I caved, and we split the treat.

    Afterwards, he admitted that he simply wanted the treat the whole time, but couldn’t eat the whole thing himself because it *was* swimsuit season.

    To this day we buy almost every desert on a stick we come across, though frozen deepfried cheesecake is still our favorite.

  • Definitely fry bread with homemade pinto beans. A favorite from when I lived in Arizona. Not exactly healthy but oh so good.

  • My favorite street food is wood fired pizza. I love it when the oven pulls up and starts cookin’ the pizzas. Yum. Yum.

  • Funnel cake, mainly for the grease-soaked powdered sugar. It never hurts when it’s eaten after multiple rides on a wooden roller coaster where Elvis lost a belt buckle (Libertyland in Memphis, now sadly closed). It’s fun to share, too.

  • My favorite street food is a Döner Kebab, I ate hundreds of them when I studied in Berlin!
    I had my favorite locations in different parts of the city and I made friends with the Turkish men running the stands. I didn’t realize they recognized me until one reminded me I forgot to order my Döner “mit Liebe,” which I always did.

    I look for a Döner everywhere I go, but I think I’ll have to wait until I’m back in Germany or Turkey.

  • Well, definitely kettle corn, at least as far as things you can buy go.

    But honestly, my favorite street food is when my grandmother used to make peasant bread and butter sandwiches to take to the park. That was hands down the best outside food of all time – at least according to five year old me.

  • I’m from Baltimore and growing up, you could always count on street fairs having a lemon stick stand. These are fresh lemons sliced in half on the equator with a peppermint candy stick stuffed in the middle. You suck the lemon juice through the candy stick, which slowly breaks down. It’s a mess, but it’s the taste of summer for me. I’ve never seen them for sale anywhere else.

  • Indian Spice Mini Donuts from the Chef Shack food truck in Minneapolis, MN. They practically melt in your mouth. You can buy a small bag of them for $5. Paired with a hot coffee they are perfect on a cool (or hot) morning at the farmers’ market. The dough is flavorful and their sugar coating provides a nice crunch. Make sure to share them with friends!

  • I have never had a fondness for coconuts, but during the summer that I spent in Dakar, Senegal, they became an indispensable part of my diet. Young men walk around the city with wheel barrows full of coconuts. With a machette they cut a small hole in the top so that you can drink the juice and then, when finished, they cut off the top half of the fruit, fashion a spoon from the hull, and scrape all of the flesh into the bottom half of the shell. I had never before tasted a coconut so flavorful, nor since. I don’t know if it was the setting or the quality of the coconut, perhaps both, but in any case, fresh coconuts in Dakar are my favorite street food.

  • While i love a good funnel cake, I must confess that I am a sucker for a really good corn dog. It goes with summer and fairs so naturally. Via la food on a stick!

  • Definitely deep fried avocado fries. Had these for teh first time in Austin, TX and I am obsessed! They are so crunchy with a soft texture inside and paired great with flavored mayo. Mmmm.

    I feel like this book would be perfect for picnic season coming up for portable, no silverware meals!

  • Since moving to Milwaukee – I’ve experienced the joy that is the Wisconsin State Fair.

    The cheese & beer state has outdone itself in heart attack-inducing goodness, with chocolate covered bacon on a stick. It’s smokey, it’s crispy – dark and decadent!

  • Best ever. Being pregnant at the Fair and finally after eyeballing all the fried concoctions for years being able to try them all and not worry about my pants being too tight the next day. In all seriousness I had a fried Twinkie, fried Oreos, fried ho ho,a fried snickers and topped that menu off with a slice of fried key lime pie. Boy did I ever have heartburn that nite.

  • My absolute favourite is the locally-sourced, homemade sausage truck run by the owners of a french restaurant in town. You know what’s almost better than the magnificent meats? The freakin’ relishes, man. Fantastic.

  • I actually have two stories about fair/street food. Well, one is about concession food. That counts, right?

    First, a very vivid memory of mine was when I was a kid and my aunt and uncle and their 2 children brought all of us to a water park for the day. They bought from the concession stand turkey legs and french fries to share. Something I’ve had several times in my life, but something about that particular meal at that particular moment struck a chord with me. It was a hot and lazy summer, and things moved slowly, despite being in a busy day at the water park. It was the first time I remember savoring food, albeit unhealthy, while basking the moment. Hot and summery, playful, and joyous. Everything seemed to glow in the golden sunlight, and the salt on your fingers seemed to enhance the moment. The combination of the two foods will always bring back that memory. Has to be together: turkey leg and a cup of crisp french fries.

    The second is more recent. I went to Vancouver, BC for the first time last year for the winter olympics. I noticed a massive line for a street cart called “JapaDog” and was immediately intrigued. I HAD to be sure I got one before my trip was over. The line is typically an hour-long wait. So we waited, starving. Teased by the aroma. A newspaper reporter was there, and he interviewed me about why I was there, which made the experience all the more special. Finally, the hot dog … best. hot dog. EVER. Excellent Japanese twist to a hot dog. Now, whenever someone asks me what they should see/do/eat when they go to Vancouver, the first thing on the list is to grab a JapaDog. I’ll be there again in a few weeks, and you bet the first thing I’m going to do is get a JapaDog.

  • I live in a small town whose sole boasting right is the tulip – we have a whole week-long festival devoted to it each year!! It’s happening next week, and my husband and I love to each devour Fatballs (no, seriously, that’s really what they’re called!). Fatballs are essentially fried balls of doughy goodness that they hollow out in order to stuff cinnamon apples, custard, chocolate and pretty much whatever else you want into it – delicious, to die for, and definitely not for the faint of heart!

  • Elephant ears! I learned recently on the east coast it’s called fried dough. I have to say I like Elephant ears better. Going to the county fair as a kid it was a tough call between these and cotton candy. Now I indulge in both :)

  • Crepes with Nutella the first time I visited Paris with my daughters…..at the time they were 5, 9 and 10. I have a favorite photo of my 5 year old with her newly purchased, oh so chic black scarf with cherries on it, devouring a crepe dripping in Nutella. The smile through the huge bite is a display of sheer pleasure! Now living in France we are lucky to have the crepe experience often, each time I think of our first trip to Paris toether!

  • From my semester in Paris, it has to be a simple crepe. We went to the crepe man every afternoon after classes. The nutella and fruit ones were too messy for me, I always went for the simple buerre et sucre.

  • When my husband and I lived in Houston, we would look forward to the Houston Rodeo every year. Why you ask? Well it wasn’t for the music, or the animals, or the carnival. The Rodeo is the mecca of all things fried! You name it, they have it. Fried pickles, fried oreos, fried dough, fried candy, corn dogs, it goes on and on. However my ultimate fair fried food is fired PB&J. I know…a little surprising, but don’t knock it until you try it. A little savory, a little sweet. A crispy bite, with a warm gooey middle. I could go on and on! It is a perfect combination of childhood comfort with adult indulgence, and just plain amazing!

  • When I was in Brazil we were staying in a small community beside a favela. We spent many nights playing pool at a little pub inside the favela with locals we had met. One night they took us to a little roadside stand that was more scary than inviting (that said please understand we were not overly cautious travellers). I couldn’t tell what most of the items on the menu were but I saw a picture of a cheeseburger so I just pointed at it. It came wrapped in your standard foil envelope and the smell that wafted out as I opened it almost brought me to my knees. It was the most delicious cheeseburger I have ever eaten. I am currently pregnant and think about it daily! Street food can be the most amazing and surprising food experience <3 I highly recommend travelers to spend a few nights at Rio Surf and Stay.

  • Nutella & banana crepes! Also, in Winter, hot vinegary chips & mushy peas, these taste best when at the seaside. Thirdly, roasted chestnuts in a little paper bag (the latter are rare in London now but were everywhere when I was a kid).

  • While visiting Minneapolis for a friends’ wedding a few years ago, my husband and I attended the Minnesota State Fair. There were plenty of unique, indulgent treats to choose from – like deep-fried cream cheese with chili sauce, corned beef and cabbage on a stick, cheese curds, and chocolate covered bacon. After witnessing some friends get tummy aches, I went the simplistic route and got a jumbo dill pickle on a stick! It was so perfect for a hot summer day – crisp and refreshing! And, of course, twice as much fun because it was on a stick!

  • Favorite street food would have to be churros. I have the best memories of chicago winters visiting the museums and always topping it off with a churro that was basically as tall as me (and hot chocolate)…HEAVEN!

  • Best street food is in central Mexico; traditional corn on a stick. An ear of corn, steamed and kept warm in hot water, pulled up on a stick, coated in mayo, rolled in queso fresco and spices, eaten without regard for the mess while listening to old guys play guitars as the little kids dance around. Delicious. And 1$.

  • samosas- My daughter never had them before until she came to live with us through adoption (she also never had zucchini or most vegetables before) but now she requests samosas everyday and she desperately wants to go to Africa too. I have a six year old globe trotter! I personally love any fried doughy thing I was able to get in China- yumyum.

  • my favorite fair food is definately funnel cakes. Fairs are the only place (in my opinion) to get them. Whenever I smell the sugary, doughiness I immediately imagine the florescent lights of the midway and the screaming of people on the Scrambler. All I can think is “Yeah, it is summertime!!”

  • My favorite fair foods are deep fried cheese curds and a giant dill pickle on a stick. Sounds like a strange combo but it is so yummy!

  • Well I just had fried peaches with fresh cream to dip them in at the PGA tour.. they were pretty fancy. I also love the deep fried oreos at fairs

  • I immediately bookmarked the corn dog recipe as those are by far my favorite “food on a stick” (and possibly one of my favorite foods in general?).

    However, now I am craving a deep fried mounds pie, deep fried mozzarella on a stick and chocolate covered bacon on a stick– thanks ladies! I might have to try and DIY some of these… :) It’s a good thing I am currently nursing and burning a few extra calories!

  • This may not be common fair food but growing up in eastern Canada this was my favorite winter treat on a stick. We would bring maple syrup to a boil over an open fire or on the wood stove, take it the pot outside and pour it in strips on the snow. You wold then take a popsicle stick and roll it up for yummy taffy. The basic maple taffy stick was fantastic but got even better when we dotted the strip with peanuts or m&ms (smarties), dried cranberries, small marshmallows etc… I even try and replicate it in the summer pouring the boiling syrup over crushed ice and rolling it up on a stick. YUM!!!

  • I am going to take a sinner and saint approach. Sinner=fried chicken on a stick with fried pickles and fried onion! You can find those at all Southern County Fairs and even roadside stands! Yum, yum! Saint= sliced fruit sprinkled with chili powder. I have seen these at the Market in San Antonio. The melon is so colorful and served in cups topped with spicy chili powder. The perfect combination of sweet, savory, spicy and refreshing too!

  • Mini Apple Cider doughnuts! These fried before your eyes treats are simply delicious. Hot, smooth and with just a taste of cider, it is love at first bite. They usually are served in white treys with 5 mini doughnuts. I want some right now!

  • Elephant ears! Or french fries with malt vinegar and ketchup. Or deep fried oreos. Or…I just can’t decide…

  • My mom always said they could fry a piece of white bread and it would taste good. For my family, the State Fair was synonymous with “fried food” and we would indulge a fair amount. However, even if mom was on Atkins, we would always, ALWAYS get a funnel cake. Dripping with blackberry compote and sprinkled with a liberal amount of powdered sugar. Nothing says “State Fair” for me quite like the deep fried “squiggle bread.”

  • Now that I live in Singapore, my very understanding of street/fair food has been transformed. Favorites? Curry puffs, pandan chiffon cake, cheese pratas.

  • My favorite fair food is elephant ears. That fried dough covered in cinnamon and sugar, dripping in honey and butter (you know, the kind that comes squeezed out of a plastic bottle) is the best hands down.

  • One of my earliest memories of foodie independence was on Lawrence street in Chicago when I was 15. My first trip into the city by myself from the suburbs, I got off the bus too far west and found myself in a Hispanic neighborhood where I had my first taste of Esquites. Pieces of corn coated in mayo, sprinkled with chile presented in a humble foam cup on a hot summer day to a lost teenage girl. I may not have made it to the beach, I’m not exactly sure anymore, but I do remember the taste of crisp corn and spice calmed by mayo and soft cheese. I still enjoy this lovely street food every summer in my home sweet home Chicago.

  • Favorite street food=kebabs from the carts in Dj’maa Al Fina square in Marrakesh, Morocco. With a side of harira (traditional moroccan soup) and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds!

  • Of course I was scared the first time I tried street food in Mexico, but after I got through the first couple times alive I developed a relationship with my local taco stand man and started stopping by for a Taco al Pastor quite frequently. It’s a classic, and nothing can beat fresh savory pork with a pineapple and their secret sauce (which I found out later had soy sauce in it.. interesting!).

  • I LOVE a big soft NY pretzel. It reminds me of the days my Dad would take me to work with him in the city.

  • Fried pickles are the way to go everytime. I don’t know if you’re supposed to talk about hallucinogenic experiences on the internet, but I went to a May Day festival last week in Minneapolis. It snowed. Honest to god, we sat in that park for five hours after watching parade participants slump around in “year of the crow” costumes, the final pessimistic period on a gray, dismal day. The only thing that saved it was the experience of crunching through light beer battle and assaulting my tastebuds with that distinct briny crunch.

  • For me it would have to be deep fried veggies. Besides the rides and trying to pop a balloon with a dart I just have to spend the rest of my money on deep fried veggies.

  • At our state fair, we *always* have to get a funnel cake, just your basic with powered sugar. My mom and I have gone every year since I was born (a quarter of a century!), and she has made me promise continue going with her, even if it means wheeling her around in a wheelchair. Who doesn’t associate fried food with the fair? Every time I smell that fried dough I think of all the warm summer days at the fair with my mama.

  • Footlong corn dogs in Gatlinburg, TN! My girlfriends from college and I took a road trip there a few summers ago and this little arcade on the main strip in Gatlinburg had the best footlong corn dogs made fresh to order. That and Tracey’s hotdogs and root beer at the Ohio State Fair where I spent many summers in the Ohio State Fair Band. That was always a great treat!

  • Growing up in Minnesota, the State Fair was always my favorite part of the year. There’s something satisfying about being so small and surrounded by so many people who are all taking life slowly, as this was their day off. Then, as now, I go to the fair to eat. And my favorite fair food then, (again as now) was the Bloomin’ onion.
    One onion, deftly cut in some way that my six year old brain could only think of as a small demonstration of magic. Take that onion, dip it in batter and then hot oil, and then watch the deliciousness unfold, just as the onion itself did.

    You could never eat the full onion by yourself. Even with a group of people, it was a study in excess, but that didn’t matter. I loved the spicy, smoky burntness of the batter that revealed the translucent sweet and yielding onion within. There was always ranch dressing for dipping, but I was never a fan… the ranch would overwhelm the perfect balance of crunchy brittle coating and tender onion. It’s simple, but it’s something that still fills me with that young, childlike sense of wonderment and overabundance.

  • Here in Switzerland, there are two seasonal street food staples: raclette in the winter, and crepes in the summer. You can’t go wrong with melted cheese and potatoes, and walking around with a plate of potatoes topped with perfectly melted cheese with a couple mini pickles definitely warms you up on the inside when strolling a Christmas market or after skiing (especially when enjoyed with a little vin chaud). And nothing is better than a banana and chocolate crepe to treat yourself or share with a friend on a hot summer day. Those little fork/knife combo utensils are genuis. Perhaps even more than the spork.

  • I hope this giveaway is for international entrants too because I’m from India and my favourite street food is all types of Chaat – Sev Puri, Pani Poori, Dahi Puri and Kulfi the Indian Ice cream.

  • Wow. I love reading all these comments! And the theme for my summer party has just been decided! Food on a Stick! When I was young we used to go to the Fireman’s Bazaar on our town green. My favorite snack was this amazing fried dough with homemade tomato sauce served up by real live Firemen! I have never been able to find another fried dough that matches the one in my memory.

  • I was really excited about the corn do recipe, but the link does not seem to work?

    Fair food for me would be licorice lollies enrobed in dark chocolate and street food is mini tortillas with pulled pork, fresh coriander and onions in Mexico City.

  • Crepes! I love the street-side crepe stands that fold up a crepe and put it in a paper triangle so you can eat it with no utensils.

  • It might not be all that special, but it is too die for. A trio of shrimps on stick, wrapped in smoked bacon, drenched in garlic oil cooked crispy on the grill… As we say in Dutch, it’s like an Angel dancing on your tongue! Good luck everyone!

  • I just moved from NY to SC recently and went to see what the SC state fair was all about. In my time down here, I’ve learned they know how to take something bad for you and make it worse. I thought they were crazy when I saw the chocolate covered bacon, but then absolutely insane when I discovered the krispy kreme cheeseburgers – where they were using krispy kreme donuts instead of hamburger buns! A little weird part of me regrets not giving it a shot – maybe they’ll have them next year?

  • Not exactly my favourate food but I remember when I was in China nearly 10 years ago now we are all sorts of things from sticks, we even performed a little puppet show with the frogs on sticks right there next to the vendor. It drew in a crowd and the vendor quadruppled his normal sales and gave us each an extra frog as a thanks.

  • Fresh n fruity popsicles…they are so nice on a hot summer day. I love to try the more un-standard versions like jalapeno mojito or watermelon mint. We love our popsicle man!

  • Rosted chestnuts. Growing up in Athens Greece in the seventies, it was a real treat and -back then- a very expecive one. Surprisingly enough, they still sell them on the streets and they still taste great. Roasted chestnuts with a slight nostalgia flavour, that burn the hands and warm the soul.

  • Awesome book! My favorite street food is a good crepe – nutella and almond, nutella and strawberry…anything involving nutella. :) When I was in Paris, there were tiny shops open to the street and we crepes there so often, the owners got to know us and would give us free drinks.

  • This is awesome- obviously you love real food so it’s not just yucky junk food but really about enjoying life! I can’t wait to win the book and try lots of things on a stick……with a drink!

  • WOW this is making me hungry from reading all the comments. It is very difficult to pick from so many fabulous eats during a trip to a carnival, fair or any street festival. It is the ultimate guilty pleasure. BUT to be able to make some of this at home with this wonderful fun inspired cookbook? Can’t think of anything better.

  • I am Canadian. Growing up in Quebec, home of what all you Americans are now eating with every twist that we have already seen. POUTINE – french fries, Canadian cheese curds with gravy, and in Quebec very important to also include some ketchup on the side. Sometimes we would get a pogo to go along with our lunch. We would buy them from the chip truck that would drive down my street, stop in the front of my house. The same people who owned the truck watched me from a 5 year old grow well into my well lets just say years. They would always make me feel like I was very special in their eyes. If you are in Shediac New Brunswick getting fried clams from again a chip truck is a must in Canadian food expierience. Not to mention it is served with Acadian french! I want this book because well everything does taste better on a stick!

  • I love the book title, “On a Stick”! The whole reason to go to a street festival or fair is to eat something on a stick…meat, fried things, or fruit covered in chocolate, it doesn’t matter. Somehow eating it off a stick makes it that much better!!

  • Every year we spend two weeks at the Iowa State Fair and the one thing I have to have is pork chop on a stick. The “stick” is the bone from the chop with bottles of Cookie’s BBQ sauce available for squirting. Pork chop in hand, Sky Glider over head, livestock sounds nearby…bliss.

  • I once had LOBSTER CORN DOGS at a glamorous fancy “out of a movie” party. Street food no, and I’m pretty sure I will never be so lucky as to have the experience again but I’m confident those corn dogs will remain my all time favorite food on a stick. Insanely delicious.

  • I love all junk food and food on a stick, but my very very favorite is corny dogs (NOT corn dogs!) from the State Fair of Texas. I don’t like them in any other context, but MAN those footlong corny dogs at the fair are completely awesome. They remind me of going to the fair with my parents when I was a kid.

  • Definitely corn dogs. Love getting them and squirting a huge pile of mustard on a napkin and digging in!!

  • Everytime I am in the Florida Keys I stop by Blonde Giraffe for frozen key lime pie on a stick dipped in chocolate. It is amazing!

  • when i was very young, we lived in anchorage, alaska. some of my earliest memories are attending the annual fur rendevous, or fur rondy.

    we would bundle ourselves in our heavy coats, mom in her furs, dad in his overcoat, me in my snowsuit – it was held in february, and it was so very cold.

    i remember drinking hot chocolate, and watching my dad eat caribou sausage. to this day, i still remember the taste of a bear sandwich, almost like roast beef, but wilder. the dancers were spinning, the blankets were tossing people into what seemed the sky to my young eyes, and i was enjoying my first taste of the wild gaminess that cannot be replicated.

    living so far away now, my memories are all wrapped up in the taste of that food. but it is still my favorite, because it is so true to the place it grew out of. the wildness of the place encompassed in the food.

  • I live in São Paulo, Brasil, and we, as you may know, looove soccer!! The first game I went with my boyfriend and my dad was amazing: we won by five goals!! But one of the best parts was after the game, walking back to the car and stopping by the line of “little food cars”, hotdogs, churros, and the unforgettable turkey and pepperoni (not the usual, we call it calabresa) with toasted french bread hamburger!! Words are not enought for the felling!!

  • Street food is a favorite of mine. I’ve been fortunate enough to try street food from all over the world (churros con chocolate- yum). But nowhere comes close to the creativity (and calories) as the NC State Fair. This year delicacies included a krispy kreme bacon cheeseburger! My personal favorite still remains unchanged- funnel cake! With extra powdered sugar :)

  • My poison is the humble churro. That fried dough and sugary cinnamon smell wafting toward me will always open my change purse!

  • MMMM these deep fried mini donuts you can get at the SC State Fair, they put either cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar on them and woooweee I could eat them until I explode!

  • Durian! I thought the most foul olfactory street food experience I had was stinky tofu in China, until I went to Thailand. This spiky mutated version of a pineapple yields pockets of treasure – creamy golden lumps of fruit. You hold it in a plastic bag and inhale the ultimate summer street smell – sweet, rotting garbage. Then you put it in your mouth and taste the most layered, rich, and fresh food you’ve ever eaten out of a plastic bag in your life. It’s so rich you will break out if you eat too much of it! And calorific enough to beat the most deep-fried street food. The whole experience is an ambivalent mash of foodie heaven and municipal landfill. You can get it frozen in the States, but there is nothing like the stink and taste of fresh durian. You either love it or hate it. Obviously, I love it!

  • I’m gonna have to go with Pad Thai… I like Pad Thai anywhere, but for some reason the street version tastes extra great!

  • While I am lucky enough to be living in Morocco right now (although I return to the States in 2.5 weeks, eek!) and some of the world’s BEST street food is here (like the delicious, salty, spicy snails you get in a big, steaming bowl, or the best orange juice you will ever have anywhere ever, or pretty much anything in Marrakech, where I was last week [pre-bombing by two days]) I have to say my FAVORITE street food dish is in Cairo, where I was in January for a few days before I got evacuated. Koshari is essentially the unofficial national dish of Egypt – lentils, chickpeas, macaroni topped with a spicy red tomato sauce. It’s dirty, it’s messy, it’s greasy, it’s cheap, it’s humble, it’s wonderful done right and horrible done wrong – it is an excellent metaphor for Cairo itself and despite only getting to be in Cairo for 12 days before the evacuation, I probably ate koshari 7 times.

    Now I’m drooling, dang it.

  • There’s a street vendor in Oklahoma City called Bobo’s Chicken. They’re only out on weekends and it’s late night cuisine consisting of Southern fried chicken and biscuits, french fries, and a good dousing of honey! It’s the greasiest, messiest, dirtiest, most delicious (and probably the least healthy!) late night meal you can grab! The clogged arteries are worth every bite!
    Oh, and you have to say “yes” to “you want honey?”

  • It has to be a corn dog. Is there anything more perfect on a stick? Every year up until I moved to Seattle, I’d go to the state fair with my dad. We’d always be the first in line, ready to run in there and see the high spinning ferris wheel and smell the amazing fried foods. First we’d check out the exhibits, then partake in a nauseating ride that my mom would not approve of, and finally, we’d eat! We’d walk around each and every food booth to find the best looking corn dog. It had to be large, nicely browned, and crispy looking. You can always tell a good one by how much fried batter gloop is on the stick. Mmm.

    There’s nothing like a corn dog at the state fair with your dad.

  • By far, the BEST street food I have had in my short lifetime of 22 years were the grilled fish tacos from Mas Tacos, Por Favor in Nashville, TN. They rarely use the truck anymore, but the memory of eating those tacos after bar hopping in Five Points will stay forever in my mind. The taste still lingers.

  • Oh my gosh! Definitely yakitori (when I lived in Japan, summers were filled with food on sticks). Reminds me of fireworks, intense heat and humidity and the sound of cicadas.

  • I love a good old fair corn dog, however, last year I tried out one of the giant huge corn dogs…wow, too much of a good thing. I’ll go back to my once a year small one to quench my craving for fair food :)

  • I love funnel cake. I can’t help it, and I can’t resist it. Every May in my hometown there is a strawberry festival down the street from my parent’s house. The fried dough, powdered sugar and strawberry syrup smell wafts up the hill, and draws me down to the booths. They are in the same place every year, which just makes the temptation worse!

  • Yes, I will admit it…I am a corn dog snob by working for one of the most quality conscience men (PB from Texas) at the Illinois State Fair. Starting in high school, my sisters and I all had the pleasure of learning the art of frying up corn dogs and making lemon shake-ups. The batter had to be a certain temperature, the coating on the fried dog the perfect shade of golden brown. We kept the outside of the stand spotless, we wore a uniform, and served all food and drink with a smile. I still remember coming home very late (after the last grandstand shows got out) sticky from head to toe, and smelling of fried oil. (I still love that smell). I judge every corn dog at local fairs by what I was taught, and will not buy unless they pass muster…then pass the mustard! Good times, indeed.

  • There is nothing so delightful or quite so embarrassing to eat than Funnel Cake covered with powdered sugar. Especially when you are walking down the street in your (de riguer) black city outfit with he snowy white substance on both your face and chest.

  • So, I really have to say, my new favorite carnival fare is kind of new for me from a carnival-inspired restaurant located in San Francisco called Straw. A juicy burger on a Krispy Kreme bun. How can one pass this up?!

  • I grew up in Minnesota, where we have a little something called The Great Minnesota Get-Together aka the Minnesota State Fair, so I have had an abundance of good fair food in my time. My favorites are the classic Minnesota deep-fried beer-battered cheese curds, deep fried Milky Way bars on a stick, and deep fried pickles on a stick. BUT I must say the most impressive fair treat in Minnesota is the deep fried spaghetti and meatballs on a stick. Somehow, they lightly batter a ball of spaghetti and meatballs and marinara sauce before frying it. It’s amazing!

  • ‘On a stick’ can’t get any better than a golden corndog with a bit of mustard. I grew up sharing them with my mom. She’d eat the breading and let me eat the hotdog. The extra crunchy bit at the bottom was always my favorite part. Today, I continue this corndog sharing with my 3 boys and to my excitement, they don’t like the crunchy part so I still get to eat it every time!

  • It’s not on a stick, but I have always loved funnel cake. In Texas, that was my mom’s and my favorite, with the powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

  • Until you have tried one of these freshly curled, freshly fried, potatoes on a stick, at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, you have truly never completely experienced the very best of show food.

  • Bierocks, hands down! There’s nothing better than going to our home town street festival (Flatlanders Festival) and stopping by the bierock booth. I eat them at the fair and take a bunch home for later. MMmmmm!

  • I love Mexican street food like Elote! Grilled corn smothered in creamy goodness with cojita cheese, chile and lime. I also have a thing for funnel cakes in a very bad way. I love corndogs! Also arepas and tacos, yup.

  • I love love love love love kettle corn! I love it so much that I’ve actually petitioned to get movie theatres to add a kettle corn section.

  • I spent my childhood summers in Thailand and Cambodia, so my favorite things on a stick are sugar cane (not always on a stick, but really, it IS a stick), chicken satay and rice in a bamboo tube- it’s IN the stick, not on it! Last fall I was in Laos and had half a chicken on a stick.

    I love foods on sticks, and also foods that can be dipped into foods. Once I had a dip themed party- and an even better day was when my school cafeteria had “Things on a stick” day! Nearly everything served was on a stick. It was really cute :D

  • Fairy floss? Cotton candy? No matter what you call it, pink sugary threads on a stick are my absolute favorite fair food–so much so that I even had cotton candy at my wedding!

  • one of the good things about the southwest is generally there is always a variety of street tacos included at any fair, fest or get together. my favorite is barbacoa…some tasty business.

  • ooh, I love fair food and being that I am on a pescatarian diet (for undecided amount of time) the vegetarian recipes will be good for me.

    but regarding fair food, I love zuchinni-weenie, corn dogs, funnel cake, and nachos. mmm. so bad but ooh so good.

  • The Minnesota State Fair is the biggest thing that happens every summer and thousands of people go. They have so many on-the-stick foods that I love. I love fried pickles on a stick and fried Snickers as well. I would love to win that book!

  • Last fall i was in Minnesota on a business trip and we stopped in at the state fair. I tried fried cheese curds which were insane, and also roasted corn. So good.

  • Hmmm…so hard to decide….Lamb sausage from Noon Family Farm at the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Common Ground Fair ( ) ….Salted melon, papaya and mango from a piece of newspaper on the street of Oaxaca City, Mexico…A whole, blooming onion my husband picked out of the top to the trash can at the Yarmouth Clam Festival…Fried plantain chips with lime and chile in the central square in Grenada, Nicaragua. What I love most about fair food is the entrepreneurial nature of rolling food vendors, small business owners who love food as much as I do! A kinship.

  • Once, in Portland, Oregon, I tried wild boar kabobs at an open air market. It was delicious! It was the first time I ever ate something “unusual.” These days wild boar is well within my comfort zone, but that kabob sent me down the path of food adventures!

  • I live in San Antonio so we have Americanized versions of Mexican street food carts EVERYWHERE. Right across from where I work they set up a cart at night telling tacos al carbon. What I love is they put out tables and chairs and people sit and eat rather than drive off after they buy. I love the slower pace of street food life here!

  • You know, I love fried things, but my all-time favorite street food is kettle corn. It’s sweet and salty, and they make it in giant copper kettles…

  • There’s nothing especially exotic about my favorite street food, but every time I go to San Francisco, I always have to get a Polish sausage at the hot dog stand in Union Square. It hits the spot every time. Then, while these aren’t sold by a street vendor, I walk to the Eastern Bakery in Chinatown where I splurge on a couple of baked pork buns. Because they’re only $1, it’s hard to walk away with only 1…

  • the italian street fairs of my youth always had me excited for zepoles and italian sausage sandwiches. soooo gooood. i’ll throw in some fried oreos,, which i had for the first time last year in there for good measure!

  • I absolutely love corn dogs and sampled some when in the US but out here in Australia they are a little longer and known as either ‘Pluto Pups’ or ‘Dagwood Dogs’.

    They are classic ‘show food’ (our agricultural shows are kind of like a state fair in the US). I had at least four at this years Royal Easter Show in Sydney.

    The traditional way to serve them out here is to dunk the ends in a big vat of tomato sauce (aka ketchup).

  • Last year was my first trip to the MN State Fair. I was so excited and our group goal was to eat as many things on a stick as possible. Of the many things I tried that day my favorite was Scotch Egg on a stick. It was massive and delicious but next year I will probably have to share one so I can try other brilliant concoctions! I can not think of a better book for my friend group. We may never eat anything WITHOUT a stick again : )

  • I just visited Portland where the regular serve Elephant Ears as street food. It’s not what you think! (Or what I thought either). I grew up where Elephant Ears were giant plants that we would turn into backyard forts, but these Elephant Ears are delicious fried dough creations. They are kind of like a flat funnel cake with powdered sugar. Delicious but not quite guilt free (no matter what you think they are).

  • My favorite fair food of all time is from the Wapakoneta county fair in Ohio. There is a vendor who sells these greasy, delicious french fries complete with salt and a splash of vinegar. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  • Another nostalgia vote for corndogs. I can still remember the first one I had at the town carnival.

    I can’t wait to check out this book because I have recently discovered that I can get my kids to eat ANYTHING so long as it is ….. on a stick! This would go over big at my house!

  • The délicat that sends my mind to a night of riding ferris wheels and having a grand time winning a teddy bear at a vendor is that of the classic Cotton Candy. The classic pink color and the familiar melt – in- the mouth taste sends my mind spinning with nostalgia. Cotton Candy has to be my favorite spun fair dessert.

  • Well….hands down, that would be the Kanom Krok they sell in the mornings at the Wararot Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Fresh out of the pan, warm, oozy, coconut/corn custard puffs with chopped scallionon top. Oh. My. God. 12 for 50 cents! The best!!!

  • My absolute favourite street food is the quintessential New Zealand sausage sizzle – plain pork sausages (often burnt to charcoal-y perfection) wrapped in a piece of white bread, and smoothered with fried onions and tomato sauce (preferably the eternal Kiwi favourite, Watties). And all for less than $2.

  • While traveling in South East Asia, there were more delightful street foods than I could note here. One that sticks out is green mango dipped in sugar, salt, and chili. Tart, sweet, salty, spicy. Soooo delicious!

  • Fried Coca-Cola at the Texas State Fair… I only got to go once while visiting family, but I will never forget the food! There is one vendor who takes a doughnut batter, infuses it with Coke, and fried it to golden greasy perfection. He serves six or seven little doughnut-hole Coke balls in a plastic cup with cola syrup, whipped cream and a cherry. It was the most incredible eating experience I’ve ever had– tastes exactly like the soda pop with the delicious texture of fried doughnuts. Even thinking about them makes me drool…

  • when i was little and living in japan, i used to stop and get yakitori as an after-swim practice snack. i don’t eat meat anymore, but i still miss those delicious sticks of chicken and it is something i have never had luck recreating veggie style

  • South Louisiana is famous for having a festival almost every weekend. The small town festivals are the best and I always insist on eating SOMETHING on a stick – usually alligator. Mmmmm…..

  • I LOVE fried pies. Something about eating a hand sized fried dough pocket filled with fruit feels slightly sinful.

  • My first experience with fried-cheese curds was at a small traveling carnival in college. I’m from Texas and such things were never heard of in the state, and so this was a novelty. They were freshly made and soo delicious: crunchy outside, gooey center! Although I have sampled many of these since then, to my dissapointment none quite compared with the first ones.

  • A frozen Snickers bar on a stick was the cocktail hour of childhood.
    Biting into the hard frozen mass made you realize patience would make it taste better, but what 8 yr old has patience?

  • Since marrying my German husband, my favorite street foods are all from Weinachtsmarkt, or Christmas market, in Germany! Nothing beats walking around in the blustery cold with a hot mug of gluhwein (mulled wine) and something to munch, whether it be a bratwurst or a stick of chocolate covered mandarin slices. Gluhwein is mandatory, however!

  • My favorite, favorite street meat is Tunnsbrodrollen. It’s a Swedish invention consisting of a pita filled with mashed potatos, roasted onions and then a giant keilbasa is stuck in the middle. You can then add gravy or shrimp pudding on top. Too good for words!

  • O my! I am on a cleanse right now so all this talk about greasy delicious food is making my mouth water. But when I am not on this crazy cleanse and I try and get some MINI DOUGHNUTS!!!

  • Without a doubt, an ear of roasted corn. This simple but amazing treat brings back memories for me of so many places, from the cowboy country state fairs in Salt Lake City to the sophisticated streets of Zagreb, Croatia (I studied there in 1990). What fascinates me is that in Europe, corn on the cob is considered more a dessert item, while here it is considered a savory treat.

  • Is it wrong that I can’t pick one? There is not a lot of street food in my town, so when I do get to a fair I tend to consider it free for all calorie wise and eat every silly, deep fried, portable food I get near.

  • Funnel cake!! What could be better than friedness and sugar! I love digging into a fresh hot plate of funnel cake with my sisters and between all of us we definitely don’t leave a particle of sugar behind. yummm!

  • The NC State Fair comes every year and every time there is a new and exciting fried item – fried pecan pie, fried candy bars, fried pb&j. But nothing can take my sites off of a delicious corn on the cob, grilled in the husks and dipped in melted butter as they hand it to me. Serve it with a bright yellow fresh squeezed lemonade and I’m in heaven.

  • funnel cake. just the smell of it reminds me of marching band competitions on chilly autumn saturdays… my friends and I huddling together, pulling apart the warm sugary thing bit by bit as we watched the other high school bands perform.

  • I made the corn dogs and they were awesome. Thanks Matt and Design*Droits-Humains.

    On a different note my favorite fair food is from Brazil. It’s cheese on a stick. Someone goes around with a large metal can with hot coals inside and right there and then BBQs a cheese stick for you all for $0.50. The crispy burnt cheese in the outside and the melted cheese in the inside is heaven. Top that with sketchy roller coasters assembled at the beach and you’ve got yourself a delicious time.

  • Belgian street waffles! Hands down!

    Getting to travel to Europe with my boyfriend in December 2007 was an amazing experience, and being the sugar fiend that I am, I was eager to sample as many Euro sweets as possible.

    While staying in a tiny town in Belgium, we frequently made trips to the nearest vendor of Belgian Liege waffles. Unlike the Belgian waffles we are used to in the US, Liege waffles are a yeast dough made with pearlized sugar that carmalizes when put in the waffle iron….which is done while you wait so the waffle is piping hot with carmalized sugar crystalizing around it. It’s more like a fresh donut than a waffle. AMAZING! Definitely made the cold December weather much warmer and sweeter.

  • The big cylindrical mass of curly fries is my absolute favorite. My favorite memory is me and my brother eating a plate of them at a festival with a cardboard box the vendor gave us to use as a table since all the others were full.

  • DEFINITELY THE BEST THING I’VE EVER HAD was in a night market in Thailand. They have griddles attached to their motor bikes and they cook up mini coconut pancakes the size of your palm and roll them up with shredded coconut doused in pure cane sugar….HEAVEN

  • Elephant Ears! The butter sugar combination, tearing and sharing one with my family under the bright lights and with the background generator hum, the State Fair is a great experience for a Brit abroad. Yum. Don’t make me wish for fall already.

  • Nothing is better than a good burger. In the farmer’s market here in Kansas City there is an outside grill that just a couple of guys man. It always so hot in the summer, but these guys keep cooking up fresh burgers in front of a scorching grill. I think that it makes them taste even better to see the work put into it.
    Not only that, but is there nothing more american than a burger? It reminds me of summertime in the midwest.

  • I’ve always gravitated toward the gyro stand at fairs… which is why during some time in Tunisia shawarma was (and is) my favorite street food. Meat on a spit roasted all day… if it doesn’t end up on a stick, at least it starts on one!

  • My favorite fair food is and always will be funnel cake, although I probably won’t be able to eat it again for the rest of my life.

    A few years ago, my boyfriend and I rushed to a fair in a small town, downed a particularly sugar-y funnel cake (we tried to scape off the powdered sugar but it gummed on), and then took in a “quick” tilt-a-whirl ride before the fair ended. The 4-tooth carni operator gave us an extra-long ride, and the rest is history. So there’s no funnel cake in my future, but the only answer to favorite fair food has to be funnel cake. What else is there???

  • my favorite street food was this place on steinway, in astoria, ny. it waas chicken souvlaki (kabobs.) and they would serve it with a squeeze of lemon and slice of bread on top. soo good!

  • Last year at the Wisconsin State Fair (THE quintessential stop for all things delicious on sticks), I tried a S’More on a Stick and was in INSTANT fair-food heaven. A big, soft marshmallow encased in rich chocolate and dipped in perfectly-golden graham cracker batter, deep fried. It was sinfully perfect. And made my Deep-Fried-Snickers-on-a-Stick-toting boyfriend completely jealous.

  • I once had deep-fried pickles from a food truck, and even though it turned out I was allergic to the batter, I do not for an instant regret having eaten them. (And have since been able to recreate them at home allergen-free, whew!)

  • I lived in Mexico for a little while and always loved the local taco stand tacos. There was something special about sharing food with such generous and authentic people. I even got a shot at making my own tortillas at the stand one day. Beautiful food and beautiful people!

  • Since I’m dairy allergic , when everyone else is getting ice cream I always straight line it towards frozen bananas on a stick. Love them!

  • That’s a tough one. While I do enjoy fried zucchini whenever I get the chance.
    I think that my favorite thing to eat at the fair really are corn dogs! I just love ’em.

  • My family was never one for fairs, let alone food we didn’t pack in our own coolers and bring along. The only time I’ve had corn dogs are when my parents bought them frozen in bulk for our family and baked them in the oven.

    However, shortly after “growing up” after graduating and moving away I went to a hot air balloon festival with some new friends and spent an absurd amount of money on some funnel cake. I had never had one before, but I could taste the nostalgia in it, and loved it!

  • in cincinnati, at most of the fairs you can get a goetta sandwich and it’s super yummy. there’s even a festival based around goetta….creatively named goettafest. har! it’s basically pork and steel cut oats. sounds gross right?? nope. it’s yummy.

  • My favorite street food so far has got to be fried octopus! First tasted at the ‘$.99 Ranch’ in Richmond, CA. So need to go back to taste more fried seafood. Mmmm. Oh scrumptious!

  • The best thing I have ever eaten from a street vendor [actually off the back of a truck!] is fresh watermelon and honeydew that was being transported from farm to village, through some mysterious winding road on one of the many mountains in Greece. The fruit was like a mirage on that dry, hot day, on that dry, dusty road.
    Too bad that doesn’t happen in my city [Montreal]!

  • Apple cider doughnuts. The best feeling in the world is waking up in the morning, looking out the window, and seeing that the local farms are having a street fair in front of Columbia University. For only 50 cents, a delicious treat is all yours.

  • When I was in Vietnam, I took a risk and bought some street donuts from a very tiny lady on the street. They were amazing tiny balls of dough and sugar and a bag of 5 probably cost 30 cents. It was well worth being followed the rest of the day by the two dozen other street vendors who pegged me as an easy target after that!

  • I just love the shrimp or chicken on a stick at the local fairs. It is so bad but sooo good. My husband and I always share one to cut down on the fat and calories.

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