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living in: practical magic

by amym

scratches the Halloween itch you might be feeling in an unexpected way. I’ll level with you, the movie is straight up 1990s rom com cheese, so light some candles and lock your man in another room. A pair of gorgeous witch sisters live in the most unbelievable rambling Victorian, casting spells and mi up potions all while wreaking havoc among the dead and living men they love.   –Amy Merrick

1. , $98; 2. , $18; 3. , $39; 4. , $88; 5. , $2498; 6. , $32; 7. , $1000; 8. , $20; 9. , $65; , $295.

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Sandra Bullock’s character is an herbalist, mi up tinctures and products from the family’s indoor greenhouse. She stashes cut flowers in every corner and I now want to chuck everything I own and listen to nothing but Stevie Nicks loud and proud. If a vision of 1990s witchcraft isn’t enough to tempt you, let their house get you under it’s spell.

1. , $2195; 2. , $89; 3. , $16; 4. , $48; 5. , $15; 6. , $35; 7. , $12; 8. , $124; 9. , $1995; 10. , $32; 11. , $195.

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  • Eeeek!! I was literally JUST searching (well a couple of days ago) online to see if you’ve ever posted a Living in: Practical Magic! THIS IS SO EXCITING, you have read my mind!

    Swoon- that kitchen! that greenhouse! those lotions!!!

  • I stayed up late to watch this last night on ABCFamily! I freaking love the style of this movie – the plot is only ok but the actresses are great too.

  • ahh. don’t assume the standard rom-com is ladies only! my partner (a guy) LOVES this stuff and i am always on the lookout for a new movie to present him with. so thanks! i think he’ll love this one.

  • I love it when you profile a movie I’ve never seen – I will have to check this out for the house envy (I’ll take one of everything in your roundup, thank you very much) and Stevie Nicks – rom com cheese be damned.

  • Fact: Had this on on a whim last night, and now my mom wants to watch it because she loves Stockard Channing. :)
    I’ve always loved their house – it feels so much like a home that it’s borderline ridiculous. Sure, they’re witches, but they’re also women who like to cook and grow herbs and help people (whether they like it or not) and make MIDNIGHT MARGARITAS!
    I’m totally pinning this post. …:D

  • This left the hugest grin on my face. I still love this movie! Going home to watch it tonight! Eeee! I also love the stone pumpkin. Awesome.

  • I LOVE Practical Magic although I still haven’t decided after all these years which of the sisters I would rather be. Midnight Margaritas. Excellent Plan.

  • Love this movie because of magic, witches, and love. Specially the dance scene of the four witches :-) Do you remember the spell Amas Veritas: “He will hear my call a mile away. He will whistle my favorite song. He can ride a pony backwards. He can flip pancakes in the air. He’ll be marvelously kind. And his favorite shape will be a star. And he’ll have one green eye and one blue”

    Never thought about the movie in inspirational way, but you are right. Great idea!

  • This is why I was so disappointed not to be able to meet you in Austin – you are my movie soul mate!

    Ah, Aidan Quinn of the 90s, how I loved you!

  • Oh, I’ve always loved the herbal room full of living plants, and industrial furnishings!!
    I’ve been trying to introduce it into my house over the years :)
    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  • Oh wow, Practical Magic is one of my favorite movies of all time! It’s definitely a major inspiration for my future home, so thanks for getting me started with all these great items.

  • This is one of my favourite movies of all time ! 90s rom-coms were better than the junk they spew out today. Their house is on my wish list – if I ever win the lottery, it’s being recreated from the ground up!

  • Watched it with my husband and father-in-law last night! I think they were a little bored, but it was great background noise… and I talked about it like it’s an action movie. Love it! Definitely one of those I can’t stop watching once I’ve found it.

    And I have always loved their house! The crazy deck on the roof? Awesome. And I love their copper backsplash! Gorgeous!

  • No matter how this movie is perceived…(rom com cheese!) …it’s still very fun and visually beautiful! I remember reading about it in Victoria mag back in ’98…and I couldn’t wait to see it. It is one of my favorite movies, (as is Arsenic and Old Lace). The cast really made the movie come alive!
    I never read the book…having looked at it a few times and found it seemed simplistic; but as it turns out I just bought a copy a few weeks ago and am reading it now. Why not ‘eh!?
    Happy Halloween all! Thanks Amy for the “reminder”.

  • You know I could never put my finger on why I love this movie, but now that it’s been pointed out the design is fantastic. I love the beauty shop and industrial furniture.

    Another great movie to profile, “Benny and Joon.” I love the art room Joon paints in, and the diner!

  • I looove that movie, and the decor in it. The whites and creams and worn painted wood. So beautiful. I have a rose bowl of dried flower petals and leaves in my room, inspired by that movie.

  • Love this movie! Funny I just watched it for the first time a couple of months ago, and since then it has inspired the way I decorate in my home!

  • Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest, people. Need I say more?
    Also – love the botanical illustration!

  • OMG. Cheesy rom com that it might be, I do love this movie. Thank goodness it will be on tv 213087234 more times before the year is over :)

  • Like so many I am a HUGE fan of this movie. I don’t know what it is really, but I watch it whenever I need a boost :) I was just thinking while watching it this last weekend that the home is incredible, unique and odd. All things I love in a space. Thanks for this.

  • I’ve always loved that movie. And probably a big part of the reason is I so loved the house, especially the kitchen, the garden and the greenhouse or potting area.

  • This was such a great pick. Whenever I see this movie I instantly want to live in that house. This movie and Hocus Pocus make for a fun and witchy Halloween!

  • Awesome post. I, too have always loved the look of this movie and watch it in bits and pieces just to see the decor.

  • My friend is living on Whidbey Island where the movie was filmed and she had me watch it on Netflix instant before I flew out to visit her in August. I was so excited to have brunch at the real life cafe that was used as the set for the store. It was delicious AND just as cute as it was in the film.

  • Holy cow! This is my second favorite movie and I just about wet myself when I saw this living in! It is a must for Halloween or any girls night!

  • The garlic braid link goes to the heather botanical print :-( Somehow this post made me long for a garlic braid to hang up. Maybe it’s just the time of year. I don’t even eat garlic!

  • Love this post! Not the best movie, but I’ve seen it a million times cause it’s so pretty :) Cinema eye candy!!

  • Yay, I love this movie! It was just on ABC Family last night. I’ve always thought it was less about romance and more about the bond between the sisters though.

  • I love this movie for inspiration … it was design forward for fashion and interior! Couldn’t believe the entry this morning … thank you!

  • I grew up in love with this movie while I was in high school. Im pretty sure I had the entire movie memorized! Everything in that house was stunning. Thanks for reminding me of this!

  • One of my favorite films: I love the relationship between the sisters, the music, the setting, the story…I was just listening to the soundtrack yesterday. I’ll have to watch it on DVD tonight!

  • ok, I HAVE to comment because this is one of my all-time favorite movies. My best friend (who looks like Sandra Bullock, herself) & I would watch this from 5th grade until now, & still dance to “Put the Lime in the Coconut.” Additionally, some of my family are from Salem, MA so the witch history part is so interesting–Hope you all got to see it on ABC Family this past Monday!!

  • I absolutely delight in this movie. Cheezy, yes. But such fun! When they all get drunk at midnight around the big old table and dance….reminds me of my mum’s crazy friends when I was a kid.

    Uh oh…..I think I may have to watch it again…..lol….

    Thanks, Heidi

  • I usually don’t watch movies more than once. However, I could watch Practical Magic once a week. I’m totally the red head. Oh god, that house. And I would love to have aunts like that.

  • I thought I was the only one who loved this cheesy little movie, I own the DVD too.
    Her botanical shop and packaging are swoon worthy, and that little town Astoria in Oregon is truly picturesque.

    thanks for this one!

  • I LOVE this movie and in fact own it. Everything about it is, well, magical. Especially the house. It’s the perfect witch”s house. Who wouldn’t want aunts like those? Aiden Quinn – yep, I’d take him. Lime with the coconut, hell yeah! This is a great post!

  • I hate sounding like a cliche, but the novel on which the fim is based is so much better!

    If you have never read her you are in for a delight!

  • I loved the atmosphere in this film! I recently learned that Roman & Williams were the production designers…no wonder it is so amazing!

  • omg this is perfect! I was just watching this on TV the other night and actually thought it would be really cool if you guys did a “living in” feature on it. Well done!

  • Squee! Thanks for this! This movie house, and the one from “Something’s Gotta Give” are my two absolute favorites. I love this movie for its aesthetics alone (that kitchen, I mean *come on*!), but it’s a such fun story, and the rapport between sisters, neices, daughters, aunts, etc., is one of the highlights. How fun are Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest (“clothing is optional, as you may well remember!”)? And frankly, this is one of the last movies in which Nicole looked like herself!

  • Cheesy as it may be, I love this movie. With its gorgeous sets, it’s stunning to watch and this post follows suit perfectly. I’ll be taking a little inspiration from this into my new apt and adding the book to my must reads!

  • Oh now, I was just thinking, this would be a great film to watch this evening having not watched it for ages. :-)

    Things to love: the locale, the great casting of the pairs of sisters (including a very young Evan Rachel Wood with red hair and looking very much like a young Nicole Kidman), Stockard Channing (all-time-favourite actress!), Aidan Quinn, and yes, even though he’s a vile character in this, GORAN VISNJIC!

    The house itself reminds me of Edward Hopper paintings, a little… :)

    Thanks for another squeal-worthy Living In… post.

  • I have to reapeat the sentiment from everyone else – i honestly thought i was the only person who was totally in love with this movie – its’ just now i’m realizing that it wasn’t just the story – it was the backdrop that sucked me in – AWESOME PICK!

    P.S. Have you done a ‘Living In’ for the movie ‘The Wedding Date” ? It’s a funny little rom-com with Debra Messing. Most of the movie takes place in England. So

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