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living in: twin peaks

by amym

To call David Lynch’s 1990 TV show a cult classic would be an understatement, a disrespect to the thousands who worship at the shrine of Agent Dale Cooper and the small Washington town he investigates. When the homecoming queen winds up in a body bag, the town’s thin veneer of respectability shatters, leaving TV viewers all over the world asking, Who killed Laura Palmer? —

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With piles of donuts and wool plaid, armloads of logs and cups of coffee, Twin Peaks portrays the Pacific Northwest as cozy but surreal. Who wouldn’t want to share a slice of pie with Cooper or spend a night at the Great Northern Hotel? As along as I can curl up on the sidelines, I’m happy to watch the mystery unfold in all its melodramatic glory.

1. , $12; 2. , $13; 3. , $124; 4. ; 5. , $130; 6. , $49+; 7. , available in May; 8. , $16; 9. , $21

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  • Love everything chevron…I think I might have a problem hahaha! I would love to have that floor!! I have my own chevron wooden floor but it’s not the same!

  • I can’t believe this Living In hadn’t happened yet! While I can’t say I’d be super anxious to replicate the Great Northern Hotel, it would be fun to put together a “dream sequence” room! That West Elm rug would be perfect. Great post!

  • I’ve been waiting for you to do Twin Peaks! I love to watch it in November when it’s gray and gloomy out, it adds to the moodiness.

  • What a timely post! My boyfriend and I are currently working our way through Twin Peaks. I don’t think I’d want to be a resident there, but it does make me want to take a trip to Washington.

  • i just love it! you should do living in Mad Men! i just love love love Mad Men and Design Droits-Humains! congrats ,) by the way i`m a brazilian fan ,))))

  • I really wish I could live in Twin Peaks! Check out my ode to Agent Cooper post:

    I also have a post on how to do TP costumes!

    Awesome finds. I love the totem pole!

  • YESS! i am so glad you did this, i recently began to watch the series over again for the second time. btw, thanks twinpie for the awesome twin peaks website!

  • Excellent Choice! When I think of a show with a visually striking design and overall aesthetic, Twin Peaks if definitely high on that list. Loving this Living In!

  • I recently discovered a band called still corners that would be a good soundtrack addition to your list

  • Agent Cooper: Harry, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men’s store, a catnap in your office chair or two cups of good hot black coffee. Like this.

  • Oooh! I LOVED Twin Peaks! I got The Diary of Laura Palmer for Christmas and my husband and I still say “WRAPPED IN PLASTIC” all the time. I think I need to rewatch the show…..

  • So amazing! I love love this show – see the article I wrote for Hello Giggles about the film:

    And everything you selected is perfect.

  • Always enjoy this feature. Would love to see a “living in” Mildred Pierce (the HBO series w/ Kate Winslet).

  • This post made me as happy as pie made Agent Cooper! I started watching Twin Peaks for the first time at a cabin on New Year’s day. We projected it over the fireplace, which appropriately enough housed an owl sculpture and drank cocktails made with Art in the Age Root! It was perfect! Our Twin Peaks journey slowly continues after having returned to the real world.

  • Good show! Always a David Lynch fan and a new fan of Twin Peaks. I was too young to catch it on the first go around but thanks to Netflix I finally understand why this show was so epic.

  • I’ve never seen twin peaks… but it’s totally going on our netflix list. Especially now since the style is obviously so cool ;)

  • I’m throwing Laura Palmer’s Prom by You Say Party! We Say Die! in the ring for songs to listen to while pursuing this post. And Julee Cruise’s Falling, of course.

  • I love the style of the photos and the paint by number! I haven’t watched the show yet, and now I’m very interested. It sounds dangerously addicting.

  • YE YES YES to this. I keep thinking I should have a David Lynch theme party this winter, and this is the perfect inspiration for me to actually get going with it.

  • Loved it. Especially followed by Fire Walk With Me. My husband put the entire soundtrack for me on CD as inspiration for work. Sometimes creepy, sometimes funny, quirky and definitely sexy. It fuelled me for many years.

  • Yes Yes Yes!! Twin Peaks is one of my top 5 favorite THINGS. What an excellent Living In! The aesthetic and style of this show was just so.. amazing! I was Audrey for Halloween this year, and she has definitely become something of a style icon for me, even enticing me to grow out the pixie cut I’ve had for years into something long enough to curl =) My husband loves Twin Peaks too, but I don’t know if he’d be down for Great Northern-ifying our apartment! But chevron is popular enough, I could pass that rug off as just stylish, right?

    I also recently made this Laura Palmer/Black Lodge art for a friend:

  • Did you see the recent Psych epsiode “Dual Spires” that was an homage ep to Twin Peaks? So great. Loved the post.

  • I AM one of those crazy fans who worships everything Twin Peaks. I watched it for the 4th time this past year and this just makes me want to watch it all over again! I’m so glad you did this one!

  • So great! I have been waiting for you to do a Twin Peaks Living In for so long! There was so much great style in this show from the set design to costumes. I’m a hair dresser and I love all the sexy short haircuts on the female cast. My boyfriend and I are actually in the middle of watching this series again. This is one of my favorite Living In’s so far.

  • ı remember. When ı was a child, me, my father, my mother and my sisters were watched Twin Peaks. But now nobody remember this. Thank you for reminding me
    elcin – Turkey

  • Loved Twin Peaks, love this post. Not so sure I’d want to enter the dream sequence. Some pretty frightening things happen there and even decorating to match it gives me the willies.

  • Yes! Yes, yes yes! Thank you. So much material to choose from with this Living In. I think you did a bang-up job, and appreciate that you didn’t include any spoiler items…like poker chips.

  • OH MAN. You can tell by the number of responses to this one, that Twin Peaks hits a nerve with many, many folks….

    This show was my FAVOURITE show on tv for years! I stumbled upon the first creepy episode by accident, watching late night tv in my parents’ room one night. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was electrified! David Lynch is brilliant.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :o)


  • Must be something in the air… I started watching Twin Peaks last week, and know of three other people who have as well — all independently, without discussing it…some of the people don’t even know each other. And now to see this. Definitely something in the air. Nice work on pulling it together, by the way. Good choices.

  • ha ha brilliant timing…i woke up the other morning and had one of those moments when you wish you could return to a great dream…i was being chased into the ladies toilet of a Belgian dive bar by twin male little people wielding silver hand whisks (i have NO idea where it came from but it was brilliant, if a little creepy!). as i woke i thought..mmm..must watch Twin Peaks again! great post – thanks!

  • Remember this when I was in school but never watched it. As for plaid being desirable…well, I still wear a bit of it and get compliments, although I wear Jpnse Rock label that has a bit of a punk flavour to it with a bit of sweetness so…and I still wear my black watch skirt with the pin in it. There’s your answer, that gets comps too.

    Anyway, thanks for doing this, I like the comments even more than the pics.

  • Perfect collection is perfect. And gives me the willies just looking at it. Thanks so much for featuring my vintage paint-by-number painting. I feel like a celebrity just said Hi! to me.

  • Twin Peaks is wonderful. Every scene seemed so deliberate, crafted, and well shot, often referential. Aren’t those rows of donuts a Wayne Thiebaud still life lol.

  • This post is all too coincidental as I just finished episode 30 and am suffering a bit of post-Twin Peaks withdrawal. Seriously makes me want to pack it all in and live in a log cabin the woods decorated with Native American prints! Creepy yet ethereal, no episode of TP was predictable or boring…I’m just waiting for the second series to come out.

  • I’m so happy to see this ‘Living In’. A friend’s birthday party had a ‘Twin Peaks’ theme so I went as bonkers Nadine with an eye-patch. I love Audrey’s style – so feminine and sexy. Great post!

  • How weird? I didn’t watch Twin Peaks the first time around, for whatever reason I can’t remember. But my husband did. We saw it on Netflix and he suggested we watch it because I would love the atmosphere and interiors. Well, I do…and so many others do too!

  • Twin Peaks was the TV event of the 90s. Def. A watch it with your bf. Andrea, your Halloween show was classy! The soundtrack is the best music ever. Julee Cruse’s voice is so haunting. You felt like you were one of the kids of Twin Peaks when you watch it. Outsider 90s grunge.

  • My boyfriend and I just started watching Twin Peaks on Netflix last week! So timely that I saw this post right now as I am halfway through the second season and OBSESSED! There’s this one scene with a backwards talking dwarf that I have had to rewatch again and again. You all must check it out!

  • Nuts for this! Super Post!Very spooky, because I’ve been on a Twin Peaks kick for a few weeks now…drifting off each night to the Twin Peaks soundtrack

  • oh my gosh great picks! what a great show this was! I recently rewatched it all on Netflix and it was just as good as back then…a classic indeed!

  • great show!! if anyone is ever in the North Bend WA area, you can get a delicious cherry pie and a ‘damn fine cup of coffee’ at Tweed’s (where they filmed in the diner).

  • I totally squee’d like a tween-age girl when I saw this! Love, love, love Twin Peaks and just rewatched the whole series a couple of months ago. Even though the Black Lodge scenes in the final episode terrified me, I still love the style. *sigh* Such a great show.

  • My boyfriend and I named our cats Pete and Diane. Cooper is reserved for a future doggy. I’ve been wondering when you guys would do a “Living In” for Twin Peaks. No owls, though? :)

  • Pig made of cheese, Brie sandwich…mmm Twin Peaks really is for cheeselovers haha.
    I was so looking forward to this post. Thank you Amy.
    More TP images here:

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