Sweet Paul Book + Anthropologie Giveaway!

by Maxwell Tielman

Sweet Paul Cover

Oh, Sweet Paul, master of all things home—we just can’t quit you! Over the years, we have watched Paul Lowe’s wonderful cooking and DIY publication Sweet Paul blossom from a tiny digital production to a full-fledged print magazine, filled with wonderful tips, beautiful projects and mouth-watering recipes—each with Paul’s trademark combination of modern charm and rustic simplicity. Now, our dear friend is diving into an all new venture, his first book: . Jam-packed with beautiful photographs and delectable treats and crafts for your kitchen, the book will help you to, as the Sweet Paul motto goes, “chase the sweet things in life.” Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re giving away three copies of Paul’s fabulous new book and, for one grand-prize winner, we’re throwing in a $100 gift card to Anthropoliogie! To enter, simply leave a comment below to tell us about one of the sweet things in your life (it can be anything, from a favorite recipe to a treasured object)! The winners will be chosen at random. Last day for entries 4/4/14. Good luck! —Max

[Update: congrats to Lisa for winning the giveaway!]

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  • One of my favorite sweet things to make & enjoy at home is my mom’s apple cake, which is mostly apples, really. We love it the next day, cold, for breakfast, drowned in homemade yogurt.

  • My six year old daughter’s drawings are a sweet thing to me. It’s the beginning of a lifetime of being an artist and a maker.

  • The sweetest things in my life are friends and family. Making meals and sitting around the table together make for the sweetest moments.

  • my daughter is certainly sweet and so are the corne de gazelle cookies I made for friends this Friday, happy Friday… love this giveaway

  • That book looks fantastic! I’d have to say the sweetest thing in my life right now is my family — is that corny?

  • Oh I have so many sweet things in my life, how to pick just one? My kids and hubby first come to mind and my favourite sweet moment each day is when we all sit down to dinner, to eat, talk and laugh!

  • Many sweet things in my life, but my most treasured item is a tiny green glass vase with opalescent grey glass winding around the outside. I inherited the vase from my great grandparents who were antiques dealers. When my great grandmother died, we discovered that she had masking-taped people’s names to the bottom of certain objects because she wanted us to have those specific pieces–this was my piece. It is not signed and I have no idea where it is from–country or time period–but I love it and have cherished it for many years.

  • The sweetest thing in my life is my grandmother’s cherry pie recipe. Except for the one Thanksgiving when she forgot to add the cup of sugar. Only time I’d ever heard her swear.

  • This book looks great, would love a copy! The sweetest thing for me right now is my husband, he made me a fancy steak dinner last night just because :)

  • The sweetest things in my life are the hugs I get from my kids when they just wake up and are all warm and snuggly and not quite awake yet. Makes me so happy I want to cry. But my favorite sweet recipe is my Grandmother’s Pineapple Nectarine Jam. There is nothing on earth quite like it.

  • One of the sweet things in my life is an old camera my grandpa had since the 1940’s. It’s so special to me. I got it after he passed away. My grandpa and I will always share a love of photography.

  • My friends and I made handmade cards during a crafting session once, and I’ve been using and receiving them since! It makes me smile to use them, display them, and tell the story behind them.

  • We have a set of Doctor Who salt & pepper shakers on our kitchen table. They always bring a smile and have opened up some wonderful conversations.

  • One of the sweet things in my life is my pup, Harper. He’s a Lab mix and a big boy, but he’s a little guy to me. He’s so happy when I come home from work or talk to him or run through the house. Never a down day in his life, or mine, with him. :)

  • I make chocolate crispy cakes for every childrens’ party. Rice Crispies (or puffed rice) milk chocolate and raisins, mixed together and placed in spoonfuls in pretty paper cases. Kids and adults love them <3

  • sweet thing in my life…. my dog. :) (my kids, too, of course!) my dog is totally devoted though and just wants to be near me…. makes my heart smile.

  • My beautiful 94 year old grandmother is one of the sweetest things in my life. She is an inspiration and a wonderful cook! All of my best baking recipes are thanks to her.

  • My kitchen is my “sweet spot” in my home. I love spending mornings there with the sun coming in through the big picture window while I cook a big breakfast!

  • That cup of coffee first thing in the morning… and cuddles from my boys in their cozy p.j.’s! Definitely a daily sweet!

  • A sweet thing is the anxious butterflies I get from planning (and over-planning…I have EVERYTHING written down, where to go, what to eat, etc.) trips with my friends…next stop France & Italy! We all work crazy jobs and it’s the one time we all get to relax (even if we’re not sleeping for a week straight!).

  • My sister, who has to leave the room any time there’s even a suggestion that an animal might maybe possibly get hurt during a movie.

  • my husband, our little apartment and it’s band of backyard cats, lavender hot chocolate in the morning, and champagne at night.

  • The sweetest thing in my life is my pup, Dylan. No one has ever been as excited to see me come home as he is

  • my sweetest things are our two cats, brother and sister, bo and eve. they can drive me crazy (especially bo who is the loudest, most vocal cat i have ever owned) but i don’t know what i would do without them.

  • I am lucky with lots of friends and family to sweeten my life. At the moment, the sweetest thing is time to linger over a cup of coffee in the morning before heading out into the work day.

  • My sweetness is being a homeowner for the first time! It’s only been a few months, but I’ve gotten to dig in and DIY like never before, as a former perpetual renter. The former owner was also an avid gardener, so all sorts of Spring surprises are showing up every day. Love!