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The Classic Allure of Barn Lights + A $500 Giveaway

by Caitlin Kelch


The ability of barn lights to have a vintage and modern look all at once has always been a major part of their appeal. Whether hanging from a tall ceiling or lighting the way into a garage or barn, barn lights are definitely a star in our lighting lexicon. As the pendant light trend continues, the barn light is also rising once again and bringing its gooseneck sisters along for the ride. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever met a gooseneck curve I haven’t loved.

Those bold curves, paired with a classic industrial shade profile, get me every time. As LED lighting becomes more and more successful in producing a warm color temperature, the use of barn lights indoors and out is quickly becoming “a thing” again.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite LED lights from the from  below, whose fixtures and finishes are right on. They’ve generously offered to gift one reader a $500 gift card for the perfect lighting upgrade! (P.S. They also have if you’re setting up entryway art or a salon wall! Or if you have a piano, their  might just help you get back to your practice schedule.)


Images above: 1. via . Renovation by Lisa Collins of . Photography by . 2. Collage by Design*Droits-Humains

Click through for some more barn light inspiration and to enter the giveaway! –Caitlin

This post & giveaway is brought to you by . Cocoweb specializes in warm LED technology for their stylish collection of , and . Visit their site to learn more.


This interior reclaimed barn door lit by two gooseneck barn lights lends an air of simplicity to a renovation in San Francisco. The dotted wood is actually a creative alternative to the standard airflow cover!

Images above & below via . Renovation by Lisa Collins of . Photography by .


The cross-framed divider that separates the small, but mighty kitchen is a nod to the barn theme throughout this home.

To enter the Cocoweb $500 gift card giveaway, visit Cocoweb and pick your favorite lights. Share them in the comments section below! We’ll pick a random winner on Feb. 3rd and notify the winner on Monday, February 6th. Sorry, this giveaway is available for U.S. residents only.

This giveaway is now closed!

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  • We’ve been wanting to replace an exterior light on the front end of our studio behind our house with a barn light – one of the Goodyear or Oldage lights would be perfect!

  • The mahogany cherry wood piano lamp is stunning! We are in desperate need of some new outdoor lighting, though, and the gooseneck barn light in green or one of the peony barn lights would be a great addition to our home!

  • The LED piano lamp in Oil Rubbed Bronze (I have a piano) and the Goodyear Vintage Green Dimmable LED 14″ gooseneck barn light. They’re gorgeous!

  • I fell in love with the copper barn light while designing retail buildings at my architecture firm. The town we were permitting the building with had strict rules that you could only have 4 colors at a time on the building, and I hated that rule and wanted to find a way to circumvent it. I finally realized if I did real copper barn lights on the building exterior, and faux copper canopies, the real copper would patina over time, revealing a new 5th color!! It was a sneaky way to add another gorgeous color to a building that would have seemed rather bland without it. Ever since then I’ve wanted to have some for my new home, but an architect’s salary doesn’t allow for too many fancy upgrades at a time.

  • The indoor/outdoor sleek 16″ jade calla led barn light is my very favorite. Though the copper oldage led with rustic gooseneck is a close 2nd!

  • I would want gooseneck barn lights for the front and back doors of my home (love the copper and cobalt), and ceiling barn lights for indoor use.

  • Love how customizable these are! I love the Peony and the Goodyear, especially the Goodyear in vintage green or cobalt blue. Thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  • My favorite is the
    16″ CHERRY RED OLDAGE INDOOR/OUTDOOR METROPOLITAN LED BARN LIGHT. This would be a perfect update to our outdoor light.

  • So many fabulous lights! Love the Calla Jade Industrial LED 16″.. but could see so many of these in my place….

  • The solid brass gooseneck LED barn lights, or the vibrant colored (yellow) Oldage Goosenecks would look amazing in my 1920’s craftsman bungalow.

  • I really like this light for our cozy cabin.
    It would be perfect to update the current fixtures.

  • 10″ Blackspot sleek cherry red would be ideal in my kitchen spotlighting my “Fresh Baked Pie” sign recently found at a salvage shop. Mmmmmmm, I can smell the butter crust.

  • I’ve been looking for a gooseneck light for above our grill for a while!! We currently have an ancient, awful, light that buzzes so loud it kills all the nice outdoor ambiance. The Goodyear would fit perfectly :)

    • The Blackspot LED Ceiling Mounted Pendant Lamp would be perfect for my bedroom and the Goodyear Gooseneck Yellow Barn Light screams your patio!!!
      Am trying to make all the lighting in my home consistent- and the styles here would be the perfect fit for the industrial-farmy type of decor I’m striving for.

  • The yellow barn lights would add so much cheer, but in a classic timeless way! – to the outside of our cottage-style house. And I want one of those oil-rubbed bronze picture lights to add light to our fixture-less hallway!

  • The Oldage Ceiling Indoor LED Barn Light Fixture is just what I’ve been looking for for above my kitchen sink. Now to decide on the shade finish …

  • Love the LED 18 inch Oldage Dimmable Ceiling Yellow Barn Light! Would add such a great pop of color to our home.

  • Drooling over the white Oldage Pendant light! Would look great in our recently purchased fixer upper farm.

  • The customizable black spot fixture is great! I’m a residential architect and I’m going to add it to a project specification, give a way or not! Thanks.

  • Admiring the Oldage adjustable 18′ green pendant light! I would love seeing two of these beauties in my kitchen!

  • Like many of the other commenters, I love the idea of the yellow gooseneck oldage barn light bringing cheer to my old farmhouse!

  • Ohhh I would love to update my exterior fixtures (I live in a 1947 ranch house) to these!! I love the Goodyear Black Indoor/Outdoor 14″ Vintage Lights. They would look so cute flanking my front and back doors!

  • It was hard to narrow it down to just one favorite light – as I pretty much love every single one of the Jade colors.

    But I would love to hang this one in my kitchen:


  • I’m thinking the Customizable Peony Indoor/Outdoor LED Barn Light might be really neat in my 1880s house kitchen redo – arching over the counter. They’re simple enough not to collect too much kitchen grease, yet traditional enough not to look out of place.

  • The “Goodyear Ceiling Dimmable Cobalt Blue LED 12″ Pendant Light” would look great in our kitchen, which took on a blues-and-browns(woods) color scheme seemingly of its own accord.

    If the same light was available in that cheerful yellow or the mellow jade green, I’d love to hang a few in my ceramics studio (a space similar to the lead image of this post, but on a much smaller scale). Maybe the wall-mounting version in vintage green would work. Heck, it’s lovely.

  • I love the vintage green 14″ oldage led pendant light dimmable!!!! I need a pendant light for my dining room table, it’s just a bare bulb right now :O!

  • I adore the oldage Adjustable “18 LED Vintage Green Pendant Light. Just looking at it makes me happy (and it would look wonderful in the kitchen).

  • Thanks for the fun giveaway contest! I love the classic picture light and the grand piano lamp . I am a musician and play on multiple pianos and have really enjoy the cocoweb lights!

  • The classic look of the Peony Indoor Ceiling LED Barn Light is right up my alley. First, it is LED! Second, it would draw they eye down a longlish kitchen to the dining nook if I placed it above the table. Super stylish and did I say it’s LED!

  • I would love to update the outdoor light fixture above our garage on our home we just purchased! I love the Calla indoor/outdoor fixture in Mahogany Bronze, it would be perfect for the farmhouse style we are going for.

  • I love the GOODYEAR INDOOR/OUTDOOR LED BARN LIGHT in vintage green. A pair of those would look perfect in our master bathroom! Love!

  • Picking just one favorite only took me my entire lunch break! I like the curve of the . I love the curved arm. It would be perfect in my powder room.

  • I love the yellow 18# light
    and the fact that it’s dimmable – excellent for spontaneous romantic moments or just to create a quiet rela environment.

  • We discovered some of these among the junk in our basement when we moved in. Husband rewired them and they now light the pergola in our garden. Wonderful. I love the look!

  • My parents are buying a new home and I would love to gift them some new lighting for their new houses

    I like the classic barn light
    maybe in a fun color though?

  • I am adding a small studio space on to my home and i was actually looking at 10″ Blackspot Sleek Cherry Red LED Barn Lights for the wall next to my desk. Thanks for this feature.

  • The Metropolitan Indoor/Outdoor Blackspot barn light in jade would look great on our deck…a great contrast to our white siding!

  • We’ve have to replace 3 very old exterior lights on our house. The copper or the cherry red would go great with the deep green we just painted it!

  • Currently in escrow – would be so awesome to have some of these lights. My fav: Solid Copper Gooseneck Barn Light : )

  • So many choices! Maybe the 16″ Cherry Red Oldage Indoor/Outdoor Metropolitan LED Barn Light. Or maybe the same in green…

  • The GOODYEAR 10″ VINTAGE GREEN DIMMABLE GOOSENECK SIGN LIGHT is beautiful and cheery. Love the classic lines and the verdant green color.

    Also love the 12-16″ HT ADJUSTABLE LED PIANO LAMP – BLACK/BRASS ACCENTS. Very elegant design and the adjustable height would be perfect for multiple uses – both at the piano and for late night art projects at my desk!

  • I’d love the Customizable Blackspot Indoor/Outdoor LED Barn Lights for my entry way stairs in my Portland, Ore townhouse. What we lack in any sense of charm or vintage fabulousness could be made up with these lights. Pick me! Pick me!

  • 22″ BLACK OLDAGE LED WALL MOUNTED BARN LIGHT WITH BLACK ARM – this is my favorite but I like ALL the barn lights

  • My face is the Solid Copper 14″ Oldage LED with Rustic Gooseneck Arm Barn Light. I’m obsessed with copper right now!

  • The selection of barn lights is pretty incredible. Thank you for the generous offer. I love the Goodyear Indoor/Outdoor 14″ Galvi LED barn light. We could use such a one for our back porch, where we love to spend time in the warmer months here in CA. (Not easy to pick a favorite!)

  • Too many barn lights to choose from! I loved the Jade, Goodyear and Copper lights, but was overwhelmed by the tremendous collection. Thanks!!

  • The “Customizable Oldage Ceiling Indoor LED Barn Light Fixture” in copper is a dream! Would love it in my home!

  • I can totally picture the “Contemporary Blackspot 10″ Cherry Red LED Barn Light” above my side of the bed!

  • CLASSIC LED ADJUSTABLE 24″ ANTIQUE BRASS PICTURE LIGHT. I would love to light up some art & my hanging jewelry. Which I think is hanging art. All of their lighting is beautiful.


    Am moving into a 1971 condo and this one would be just the thing to help me bring the dining room up to the 21st century. It’s a beauty!

  • LOVE the GOODYEAR CEILING 14″ WHITE LED DIMMABLE BARN LIGHT. It would look so good in a clean white kitchen!

  • I have always wanted to have track lighting to feature the art in my home. The minimal gallery series ones are really nice.

  • I was just talking about getting a new pendant lamp for our living room – and those barn lamps would be perfect! There are so many good ones to choose from but a short list of favorites would inclue:
    16″ dimmable ceiling barn lamp in green
    18″ ceiling barn lamp in green or yellow (THAT YELLOW!)
    12″ ceiling barn lamp in cobalt

  • We are renovating a vintage airstream and need attractive, low energy light fixtures. The LED 14″ oldage yellow gooseneck barn light fits the bill. And only 24 watts! SOLD!!!

  • We are renovating a vintage airstream and need attractive, low energy light fixtures. The LED 14″ oldage yellow gooseneck barn light fits the bill. And only 24 watts! SOLD!!! (sorry, I misspelled my email address in the first entry – please delete and use this one instead.)

  • I really dig the Goodyear Ceiling 12″ LED Pendant Lamp in cobalt blue. I have a red kitchen in which this lamp will look stunning!

  • Swooning over their copper lights! The Solid Copper 14″ Oldage LED with Rustic Gooseneck Arm Barn Light is gorgeous!

  • I just love the 16″Vintage Mahogany Bronze Calla Barn light. I need to update my dining room lights. My niece said the current ones look like they came from an ugly condo from the eighties ; ( Ouch!!!

  • Love the customizable goodyear indoor/outdoor LED barn light!!! Just bought my first home and they would be perfect!

  • I would pick this:
    They are all fab though.

  • Their barn lights are amazing! I also love that there are outdoor LED options. I like the gooseneck very much. I also like the metropolitan style a lot. I think I may love the ceiling pendants best. It’s hard to pick a favorite…their color options are amazing!

  • I love the picture lights. Especially that some of them are battery operated :) Great for lighting a dim hallway. BATTERY-OPERATED 21” TRU-SLIM V-SERIES LED PICTURE LIGHT – ANTIQUE BRASS

  • The Goodyear Indoor LED Hanging Pendant Barn Light 16″ in Black is my favorite; and would look amazing above my dining room table. ;)

  • I have a soft spot for gooseneck barn lights.. I’m an Arch/Interior designer who tries to slip one into every project. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to put one into my OWN house, yet. I always like copper goosenecks, but the yellow is growing on me!

  • I like the 16″ gooseneck calla jade contemporary led barn light. Would be perfect for a nook that I am working on in my house now!

  • I just bought a new accent chair for my living room and was already planning on adding a barn light over it as my new reading spot! I love this OLDAGE YELLOW GOOSENECK FIXTURE BARN LIGHT! It would be perfect to tie in the yellow from my kitchen that flows to the living room.

  • …because what is not to LOVE about the TRADITIONAL BLACK 14″ OLDAGE LED BARN LIGHT over a sink in a kitchen?

  • I would LOVE a couple of Goodyears to add a little interest to the exterior of our house.
    Love all of the options, from shade size to stem shape/finish!

  • oh man. could really use this gift certificate as I need to buy light fixtures for our house project! LOVE the brass wall barn lights

  • OHHHHH, the Peony Jade! good bye security light over the back door, hello to some style! or Calla Jade….hmmmmm

  • I’d really dig a pair of Mahogany Bronze 10″ Rustic Blackspot Barn Lights for my future powder room renovation. Such a rad design.

  • So many pretty lights to choose from! I guess my favorites are the Customizable Blackspot Ceiling Mounted Pendant Light followed by Vintage Green 14″ Oldage LED Pendant Light.

  • Wow! I have the perfect place for the Customizable Peony Indoor Ceiling LED Barn Light(s). Thanks.

  • I love love love the ceiling and wall mount goose neck calla. Currently house hunting and with my budget a slow progressing fixer upper is definitely in store. Fancy lights can turn anything from hum-drum to high roller in no time!

  • LOVE the Industrial Jade Peony barn light, and the Blackspot 10″ black sleek indoor/outdoor lights – honestly it is hard to choose! So many amazing lights!

  • I love the copper gooseneck light the most but I’d take any of the gooseneck barn loghts. I’ve had my eyes on these for a garage reno!

  • That 16″ Solid Brass Contemporary Gooseneck Arm Barn Light would age nicely! Thank you for the chance to win.

  • Ohhh… thanks for sharing a great source as we remodel our 1910 farmhouse!!! I have yet to meet a barn light I do not like, but if I must choose, the 10″ Blackspot Barnlight would be perfect for our bathroom re-do.

  • Love the gooseneck vintage galvanized silver wall mount…need new bathroom lights at either side of the sink! Live in an old colonial dating 1910…the bathroom is HUGE…these just may be perfect~

  • I would love the Solid Copper 14″ Oldage LED with Rustic Gooseneck Arm barn light, it would look amazing in my upstairs hallway!


  • Gooseneck Dimmable 18″ Oldage LED Cobalt Blue Barn Light
    Because…every light should be dimmable, right?

  • I have been redesigning the very few overhead lights we have in the house, I would love the CUSTOMIZABLE GOODYEAR INDOOR LED HANGING PENDANT BARN LIGHT above my kitchen island. What we have now needs to be sent back in time to 1990.

  • AhhhhhHHHHhhhhhHHHhhh I love them all!! My husband and I just got married and I keep swooning over the idea of setting up a few of the pendant lights over our dining area.

    But, I have a special place in my heart for the Arezzo pendant light in black — it’s just so classic and reminds me of the pendant light over our dining table in my childhood home.

  • So hard to choose a favorite as they all are so beautiful! We recently added a large back deck to our home and are in desperate need of outdoor lighting. A pair of the Goodyear 10″ Vintage Green Dimmable Gooseneck Sign Lights would be the perfect fixtures to flank our back door. I love the rich green color and the shine on the finish. Our home is painted a light pink and the door is painted an iron color. The Vintage Green is the perfect compliment!

  • Love the mahogany bronze color. The 10″ PEONY LED SCONCE LIGHT IN MAHOGANY BRONZE WITH CHIC ARM would be so useful for me in multiple indoor spaces.

  • I would love to replace my kitchen lights with the Customizable Oldage Ceiling Indoor LED Barn Light Fixture in brass!

  • I love all the piano lamps, especially this one: Would be even more awesome in cobalt. They have wonderful lamps!

  • If a light could be sexy… This would be the one. I’ve been wanting a piano light for a while and could never quite find the right one. Well~ I”ve found it!!

  • While I love(!) the gooseneck barn light in jade (any style shade), at the moment I’d have to chose the 16″ dimmable white LED Goodyear pendant light for it’s beauty and utility in my space. Fingers crossed!

  • I am a sucker for anything copper/rose gold-esq! These are stunners: SOLID COPPER 14″ OLDAGE LED WITH RUSTIC GOOSENECK ARM BARN LIGHT

  • Thanks for introducing me to this site! I would love any of the Barn lights, they invoke a simpler time to me!

  • 14″ Manarola Pendant Light in Black . I fell in love with shape. Though, living in a house built in 1827 I must say that they battery operated picture lights and also very attractive (no need for rewiring)

  • I adore the copper and vintage green barn lights! They would be perfection in my little old 1930s cottage kitchen!

  • So many beautiful choices! I think I’ll choose the Goodyear 10″ vintage green dimmable gooseneck sign light as my favorite, but that could change in a minute. Thanks for the chance!

  • IGooseneck Dimmable 18″ Oldage LED Cobalt Blue Barn Light. Just love that pop of color.

  • The Solid Copper 14″ Oldage LED with Rustic Gooseneck Arm barn light would look amazing on my front porch! Great giveaway!

  • Omg I love so many of the barn lights especially the Blackspot LED pendants! We are remodeling an old house now and a lot of these lights fit the bill.

  • I’m loving the CREMONA PENDANT LIGHT IN BLACK. Hate our kitchen lights and would love to change them out.

  • My favorite is the 12″ Industrial Galvanized Silver Barn Light. We live on 5 acres in the Texas Hill Country and an have an edgy 840 sq. ft. house, a 550 sq. ft. contemporary guesthouse, soon to be on Airbnb, as well as a workshop add-on that needs this barn light! Thanks for entering me into the contest!

  • I love all the gooseneck barn lights, but I think the 10″ Biella Pendant Light in Charcoal is gorgeous!

  • My FAVORITE of all is the Goodyear 14″ white LED hanging light. I would go perfectly in the pass-through in my kitchen in Florida.

  • I absolutely love the Calla sconce light in mahogany bronze with a chic arm ? We have a light outside our front door that provides no light for visitors and this would be perfect!

  • What beautiful lights! I particularly liked the black piano lamps (would be so helpful!) and the red ceiling lamps – I’d love to have one hanging above my kitchen sink! Thanks!
    Ruth L

  • I have a landscape painting in mind by a local painter for my brick fireplace and the Battery-Operated 21” Tru-Slim V-Series LED Picture Light in Antique Brass would be perfect above it.

  • The galvanized silver barn light is exactly what I’ve been looking for for the front of our building. We’re mounting silver address numerals on a rentangular cement slab and we need coordinating illumination.

  • These lights are amazing.
    It would be extremely hard to choose.

    The one I’m leaning towards for my living room is:
    The Goodyear 12″ Vintage green dimmable barn light :)

  • Dying over the galvanized silver wall sconces – finally decided on the 12″ Goodyear sconce light with chic arm. ?Love!?

  • They all look great. The Oldage Vintage Mahogany Bronze Gooseneck LED Barn Lights would really ‘brighten’ up our walls.

  • We’re about to close on an NYC apartment in Queens, this Amatrice 3 Light Chandelier would look just perfect

  • I am a first time home buyer and renovating an early 1900’s shotgun house in New Orleans. This piece would totally make the entryway.

  • So beautiful. I would put one on my actual barn! We’re restoring a 150 year old carriage house in Prince Edward County as our studio.


  • I love the jade 12″ Blackspot wall sconces-drool! Great site! Thanks for the introduction to it. :)

  • You can’t beat this 10″ Blackspot Jade indoor/outdoor Contemporary LED Barn Light. That color is just to die for! It mixes both a rustic, vintage and modern look all in one very cool light.

  • Any of the Vintage Green or Solid Copper Lights could EASILY find homes at my house! What an amazing site!

  • Absolutley love the Vintage Green 14″ Oldage LED Pendant Light the colour is gorgeous something I can only dream of having they would go well in our kitchen.

  • I have a crush on the Matera Sconce, either color, but my heart also races over the Goodyear, Novara, Norcia, and Genoa Pendants. What a dilemma!

  • Literally all of them, though I have to say loving the greens & yellows you picked. Nice shades & contrast!

  • My carpenter husband and his father are renovating the barn on our California family farm into a rustic home for our growing family. Our baby boy turned 3 months old today. I have just the spot for the goodyear barn light with a rustic black stem and a vintage green shade and base finish. Brilliant that the colors and styles are customizable!

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