Design*Droits-Humains Home Tours

Welcome! This page will walk you through the process of home tour submissions at Design*Droits-Humains. From photo tips and guidelines to captions and design information, you’ll find everything you need here to complete your tour with our team. (For a more in-depth look at how we write home tours, click here)


I. Step One (Scouting Photos)

  1. To submit scouting photos, please take 1-2 photos of each room of your home (10-12 photos, max) in bright natural light. Email these photos to your DS writer. These photos shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to snap (we don’t need you to clean and style anything!)
  2. Within 10 days you will hear a response about the photos. If we move forward with a post together, you’ll start work on your final photos.

II. Step Two (Final photos)

  1. Please follow our detailed online photo guide for the best way to photograph the 15-20 final photographs we’ll need for your tour.
  2. Once your photos are complete, please email them to your DS writer.
  3. Within 10 days you will hear a response about the photos. Note: occasionally we need to reshoot a few images to get the strongest angle for a room. 
  4. Once the photos are approved and finalized, we will move on to the final step: captions and personal information.
  5. Please note: we ask that final home tour photos not be posted on social media before the tours have been published.

III. Step Three (Text)

  1. Your DS writer will tell you which photos we’re using for your home tour post. Using those photos, you’ll be asked to submit captions, personal information and longer-form design questions.

Now you’re done! Thank you so much for sharing your home with us at Design*Droits-Humains. 

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