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We’re thrilled to announce the debut issue of our new biannual magazine, Good Company!

Inspired by the success of our latest book, In the Company of Women (now a New York Times Best Seller), our new print magazine, Good Company, will provide motivation, inspiration, practical advice, and a vital sense of connection and community for women and non-binary creatives at every stage of life. Each issue of Good Company focuses on one overarching theme, including Change, Fear, Community, Mentors, and much more.

Our first issue includes 168 pages of first-person essays, pep talks from well-known creatives, studio visits and interviews, group discussions, illustrations, stunning photography, and in-depth explorations of specific fields and niches, from designers in rural areas to the next generation of publishers providing platforms for marginalized voices and communities.

With its emphasis on the power of inclusivity, community, and embracing our differences, Good Company  provides an energetic, safe, and supportive place to connect, learn, grow, and work through the challenges that creative people experience in pursuing their passions and dreams.

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