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12 Throws & Movies To Ease the Daylight Savings Time Conundrum

by D*S Market Editors

And so once again, the season of disconcerting time changes and deep longing for one’s bed at 7pm has arrived. It is what it is. Take consolation in the increased opportunity for some quality “me” time, complete with some comfort food, movies and couch time (if hitting the sack in the afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday makes you squeamish). If you tend to get decision paralysis when choosing a movie to relax with, we’ve got you covered in this post.

Need a cozy, soft, warm throw blanket to complete the moment? Again — we’ve got you’ve covered, literally, with some four- and five-star throws from Amazon’s new brands and . And if, by chance, our movie picks below aren’t your cup of tea, we highly recommend the Watching newsletter over at The New York Times for succinct and often humorous recommendations. Margaret Lyons does a fantastic job identifying possible moods and moments that deserve a cozy reservation. Think “I Want Something Short But Potent” and “Bury Me With Episodes.”

Plan your weekend now and enjoy the snuggle. Here we go!











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